Thursday, August 26, 2010

Taking it in

You know what's awesome? When you're cruising along, in hyper drive, and something makes you stop to take it all in.

When that something is 7 wonderful, intelligent, talented, supportive, and creative women that you feel dumb lucky to be in a sisterhood with. When you're sitting around an outdoor table on a patio surrounded by a beautifully manicured lawn with lush greenery, and flowers bursting with color. Soothing jazzy music plays in the background while the summer sun dips into the horizon. Conversation is being held by 2s and 3s, while dishes of mouthwatering famous 'last dishes' are being passed at the same time that wine and cocktails are being poured and taste tested. Plentiful laughter and gossip, groans of delight over the latest bite, all while the water fountain gurgles in the background. The 5-yes FIVE- sumptuous desserts get passed around and the moans of utter perfection are in surround sound again. The fire gets lit, and the sweaters get wrapped tighter, the blankets adorn laps, and the outdoor swinging benches are set into motion as we settle in around the crackling fire.

I took many moments today to look at each of the women at the table so that I could take in a scene that has been broadcast on the big screen more times than I can count. Today, I lived it.

April, thank you for hosting tonight. The music was perfection, your backyard is stunning, and your home is cozy. I am afraid for my child--not really, but kinda....Thank you.
Cate, thank you for bringing wisdom and guidance to our group. You keep us up to speed, and your knowledge is priceless. Your beauty shines, and your laughter is contagious.
Allison, thank you for knowing what I am going to say before I do. Thank you for being the person to finish my sentences, and for letting me finish yours. Lefse-nuff said.
Juli, thank you for your subtlety. I love to sit back and take it in with you. One of these days, we'll know what they're talking about. You make me laugh, and I can't get enough of your friendship.
Elizabeth, your wealth of knowledge in things that no one should know is impressive and admirable. You are the only person I know that knows about raccoons, apple seeds AND everything leafy. Your natural beauty shines in all ways possible.
Cherie, you're right, we need Tshirts--can't get enough of you. I want to find windfall apples plum pooky just for you. Your innocence and sincerity are my favorite qualities in you, and I am grateful to be your friend.
Andi, being a part of your life is a privilege. I am humbled by your ability to articulate your thoughts, and am grateful that you felt at ease enough to share yourself to us so openly. Your grandmother is proud of who you are.

I am so incredibly blessed to be in the company of these women, and so grateful that no matter what happens in our lives, we still have each other. My life would not be the same w/o the 7 of you. Thank you so much for tonight. It really was incredible in all ways.

Tonight was amazing.

I'm taking it in.

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Kami said...

Your description of the evening sounds oh so wonderful! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself :)