Sunday, September 28, 2008


1 week left! We are so excited! Friday night we went to pick out my wedding band, it is soo pretty! I just love it! It wasn't at all what I thought I was going to like, but Brian really liked it as soon as I put it on, so that sealed the deal for me! Last night we worked on our Unity Candle and tapers. We went outside and picked leaves to tie onto the candles with raffia, and they really turned out nicely. He got into it far more than I thought he would! My little crafty husband-to-be. Who knew?
Yesterday afternoon after Benjamin's fantastic football game Brian and I went to the Twins game. We did not win, but we still had a good time. I think we would have had a better time, but I was so darn tired, I almost fell asleep around the 5-6th innings. At the 7th inning stretch though, I started to come around a little, and was able to keep going the rest of the evening. We stopped at Dunn Bros on the way home and picked up more burlap, so we are set for the plants for the wedding!
Right now Brian is watching the Vikings while I make chili and some banana bread and pumpkin bars. I know this is one of my last opportunities to make some goodies for the week, so I'm getting it done! In a couple hours we are going to the apple orchard/pumpkin patch in Mazeppa. It isn't exactly ideal weather for it, but it should still be a good time.
This week will probably be another whirlwind, in 8 days I will be a Meurer! I can't wait to be his wife! Lucky lucky me!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Too much, too much!

Do you ever have a day that you think "God, this is too much, I can not handle anymore"? Even though I KNOW He does not give me more than I can handle, yesterday I had just about had enough! And then the blessings rained down! I am taught over and over to not doubt Him, and when I do start to have my doubts, He sends me the message loud and clear! In addition to the stresses of everyday life I have been experiencing real anxiety about the wedding. Its getting harder as the day gets closer. I've been playing it off as a joke, but it has really been affecting my thoughts and especially my sleep. This morning I was up at 5:08. Anyone who knows me knows this is TOO early for me! But 5:08 came along and my body said "Get up, you will not sleep in this bed anymore this morning" and it was right!
So today, I have worked on some ViE matters, did some MORE budget analysis for the wedding, booked our B&B for after the wedding and actually got to see Brian off when he left for work at 5:45am. The boys aren't even up for school yet, all in all its been a good start.

We got Benjamin his own trumpet yesterday. Last week he borrowed the instrument from the F.P. director because I was still trying to find one. Its a brand new instrument from Welhaven and it sounds MUCH better than the one he used over the week! I look forward to watching his concerts in the winter and spring.

Saturday Brian and I had our couples shower with his family. The day was gorgeous so we were able to be outside. We ate yummy food and seperated into the men vs women groups...and stayed that way most of the day. This was just fine with me since I don't get to see his sisters in law very often. After we opened our gifts several people left for the night so we started a bon fire. While we were sitting around it, the neighbors (who were having a crazy party) joined us.

The man in the grass skirt did some "fire twirling". Quite entertaining! This is how the neighbors and their friends spent their day.
1. Break into couples
2. Begin drinking at 10am
3. Drink 18 alcoholic drinks between the 2 of you
4. Play yard games
5. Do obstacle courses
6. Gymnastics follow much later in the evening
7. Nap
8. Start over
So by the time we saw them in the evening...they were long gone!
It was a beautiful weekend, we couldn't have asked for better weather, I hope the first weekend in October will be comparable. One last moment to thank God for the blessings in my life. I am so grateful!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Busy Busy

It has been a whirlwind week! I subbed at Gage Mon-Wed and it was AWFUL! The paras there are mean mean ladies! I think they all need to have a time out! I won't be going back there again. Thurs and Fri I got to sub at Lincoln, which is home away from home so I was absolutely thrilled to be available!
Wed night was ladies night with the pharmacy crowd. We ate at the Olive Garden...I have not been there in years! The endless soup was perfect, and I wanted to follow it up with a piece of the pumpkin cheesecake, but it was all gone. Probably for the best since I have my final dress fitting tomorrow morning!
Last night was Parent Orientation at the school. We do a little meeting in the gym then all the parents go to their students classrooms for a little info session. During the meeting in the gym I had to give a little "speech" so to speak for all the parents...I was SHAKING! It has been years since I have been in front of a crowd of people that large and it just about sent my heart through my chest. I definitely think my days of being on stage are over! But I still have a few years of speech giving at Lincoln with ViE and PPT...should have thought those committees through-- oh well.
Tuesday, Benjamin started First Players. It is a group of 5th graders who meet before school twice a week at First Presbyterian Church to learn how to play instruments. Benjamin's instrument of choice? The trumpet! It is really neat (and loud) to hear him practice...he was even showing Christian how to do it. I can't find my silly camera so I couldn't take a picture, but I have that moment in my mind. It was very sweet!
Brian has been busy with football and scouts. Now that he is Assistant Cub Master, he has had several planning meetings this month. And 5 nights of football, along with work...he and I see each other in passing. We have a couples shower with his family tomorrow night that we are both looking forward to. It will be nice to relax with him, and not be at home!
The 2 week countdown starts this Sunday. I am getting a little worried that I may have over looked something, and I'm afraid that I may not be able to pull it all together! I am excited to be Brian's wife, and to take the name Meurer. We got our marriage license on Monday and it was a little overwhelming to walk away knowing that in just a few short days our lives are finally going to be joined, legally and spiritually. I am nervous, and scared...but mostly joyful to be Mrs. Brian Meurer! AHHH!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Exciting news!!

Last night this is what we found.

So this morning I took the bowl to the school so the boys wouldn't miss the unveiling of our monarch. At 3:00 when I went back to the school, I found the monarch in all its glory hanging from its empty chrysalis. Unfortunately, both classes were out of the room at the time, so no one saw the magic happen! Big bummer....but it certainly is a beautiful butterfly! After school was over Christian and I looked at her wings and discovered that she was indeed a she. Then we took her to the butterfly garden outside of the primary rooms at the school where Christian carefully and expertly got her on his hand and placed her on a nectaring flower so she could gain some strength!

HOW FUN! I would like to do this each year, and hopefully one year we will be able to catch the moment where the butterfly emerges, I bet it is pretty cool!

We got to spend some time with the Hoekstras and Mike on Sunday. (6'5 Mike sitting on 5'10 Brian's lap is always funny to us!) It is always good to just hang out with them. Lately it has been so brief and we haven't been able to spend hours talking and catching up...but winter is coming so maybe our time is coming?
Tomorrow is also Brian's birthday! We bought him a new bike a couple weeks ago and today I bought a pretty nifty chair! He doesn't seem to think it makes a good b-day gift, but I disagree! I love it!

On top of the chair is a coffee bean bag that I got from Dunn Bros. I got 5 of them that I will use to wrap the flower pots for the wedding. And as a bonus, the fronts will make cool hanging art downstairs! Thanks Jesse for the idea!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

First week, football, and friends....

The first week of school is past, and it went rather quickly! The boys are glad to be in school again, and I have enjoyed seeing the moms and staff. We have had beautiful fall weather this week so I am saying goodbye to summer and saying Hello Autumn!!!
Benjamin had his first football game yesterday. At half time the score was 40-0, at which time our coach was accused of racking up the score, so we shuffled some of our players into positions they had never played. The other team managed to score 22 points after that, which was frustrating to our players because they knew they could have stopped them if they were allowed to play their own positions. Benjamin played his position of quarter-back, and did a fantastic job! Coach Mike told Benjamin the plays and he ran out there and led the offense!

It was fun to watch. Before the game we tailgated, just like we did last year. The coach brings in his portable grill, and everyone brings their own meat, drinks and a dish to pass and we hang out before the game while the boys wrestle around and eat. It is fun to be there and get to know the other parents, while filling our tummys before the game! Good times!
After football I went to dinner with my friend Jill, before we went to my bridal shower. She and I have not really had a chance to sit w/o kids or husbands around, so it was nice to have some uninterrupted conversation with her. After our dinner at Panera we went to Allison Robelia's house for my first bridal shower. It was great to have my friends and some of my family together! We played a couple games and ate some great appetizers and desserts! Allison made a super yummy pumpkin torte! Ahhh, it was so good! I felt spoiled to be there with such wonderful friends, and then the boys showed up! Brian and the boys went with Paul Robelia and the Robelia boys to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner, then crashed our party!

Not on purpose of course, but when the boys came in the girls went out. It wasn't until I got home that I realized that I was exhausted from the day, so it was probably best that they came when they did!

Thank you to Jill and Allison for organizing such a terrific party! I really am blessed to have you both!