Sunday, September 7, 2008

First week, football, and friends....

The first week of school is past, and it went rather quickly! The boys are glad to be in school again, and I have enjoyed seeing the moms and staff. We have had beautiful fall weather this week so I am saying goodbye to summer and saying Hello Autumn!!!
Benjamin had his first football game yesterday. At half time the score was 40-0, at which time our coach was accused of racking up the score, so we shuffled some of our players into positions they had never played. The other team managed to score 22 points after that, which was frustrating to our players because they knew they could have stopped them if they were allowed to play their own positions. Benjamin played his position of quarter-back, and did a fantastic job! Coach Mike told Benjamin the plays and he ran out there and led the offense!

It was fun to watch. Before the game we tailgated, just like we did last year. The coach brings in his portable grill, and everyone brings their own meat, drinks and a dish to pass and we hang out before the game while the boys wrestle around and eat. It is fun to be there and get to know the other parents, while filling our tummys before the game! Good times!
After football I went to dinner with my friend Jill, before we went to my bridal shower. She and I have not really had a chance to sit w/o kids or husbands around, so it was nice to have some uninterrupted conversation with her. After our dinner at Panera we went to Allison Robelia's house for my first bridal shower. It was great to have my friends and some of my family together! We played a couple games and ate some great appetizers and desserts! Allison made a super yummy pumpkin torte! Ahhh, it was so good! I felt spoiled to be there with such wonderful friends, and then the boys showed up! Brian and the boys went with Paul Robelia and the Robelia boys to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner, then crashed our party!

Not on purpose of course, but when the boys came in the girls went out. It wasn't until I got home that I realized that I was exhausted from the day, so it was probably best that they came when they did!

Thank you to Jill and Allison for organizing such a terrific party! I really am blessed to have you both!

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