Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cable TV

You know it's been a really long time that you've had potato chips in the house when you and your husband spend even a flicker of time debating whether Original is better than Dill or SourCream and Onion. Seriously. We discussed this. And for the record, Original is the best around. Potato chips are absolutely perfect the way they are--why ruin it? Don't mess with a good thing, leave it alone!

Yes, we have cable. It's been over 2 years since we had cable, and it's nice to have it back--for now.

Ashton Kutcher is hosting SNL this week. Haven't seen an episode in years...and now we're catching Ashton. And we have potato chips. And puppy chow.

Good times!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


One of my favorite things to do is bake. I have also found more joy in cooking this last year. I like to find unique recipes, but then put my own twist on it....and see what happens. We've had some successes and we've had some flops, but that's the joy of cooking right?

The boys have their sweet ways of getting around eating the things they don't like, feigning sickness, pushing it around the plate to spread it out as if there isn't much there, and of course, claiming they are full...only to return to the kitchen within the hour in search of something to eat.

I'm ok with those nights. At first it would bother me that they wouldn't eat it. However, B and I are just grateful that they will at least try everything that I put in front of them, we can't make them like it! Right?

So onward I go creating, reinventing, and sometimes completely flubbing one recipe after another, all while my family looks on with hungry eyes and watering mouths.

One of their favorite foods-- for all 3-- is banana bread. Awesome! I love banana bread. I've tried several different recipes, I've used ripe bananas, unripe bananas, more bananas, fewer bananas, frozen bananas, flax seed in place of eggs, eggs at room temperature, white flour, bread flour, whole wheat flour...I've tried them all, and with several recipes, yet I still have not perfected a recipe. My family never seems to mind. They inhale the bread the moment it pops from the oven, squealing with delight, and begging for more. They love it! (easy to please) I'm not sold though. I don't walk away thrilled.

Until today. I had an epiphany. When I use the overripe bananas, they are always frozen. I chop them up and mix them in, and all is well. The texture just doesn't come out right. So today, the day of my marathon bread making day, I discovered one more variation that I hadn't tried before. Over ripe, frozen bananas at room temperature rather than still frozen! TA DA!! We have it folks. Finally. Now, not only is my family going to be happy with the bread, but at last I will too! And I discovered it on loaf 2 of 10. So hopefully the rest will turn out as awesome as the initial loaf!

Ok ok, enough about banana bread!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Too much energy

Have you ever found that it takes to be mad at someone than it does to not be mad to begin with?

And now that I write this doesn't just have to be anger. It could just be disliking someone else. It is unrealistic to expect that every person will like or get along with everyone. However, sometimes we spend energy not liking or being angry with someone 'just because'.

I'm done 'just because-ing'. It takes too much energy. I'd rather spend that energy on forgiveness and acceptance.

With this of course will come much needed prayer, because it isn't always easy to forgive, and sometimes it is down.right.hard. HOWever, it isn't wasted it would be to harbor the ill feelings.

Don't sweat the small stuff right?

And on another note, I have been spending oodles of time with a woman who has oodles of knowledge about life and teenagers. With young B on the verge of becoming a teenager, I have found that her advice and experience are invaluable to me. However, she has told me time and again that there isn't a manual for teenagers.

Until now.

She just gave me the book called "The Teen Owner's Manual: Operating Instructions, Trouble-Shooting Tips, and Advice on Adolescent Maintenance". If you have a teenager, get this book. Now. Go get it. It's amazing.

Benjamin was with us when she gave me the book, and when she asked what he thought he said (with a smile) "I do not like it. You want this book to spy on me." This brought a giggle to each of us, and then I explained that "no sweetheart, indeed I want this book so that as you get older, the desire to spy on you won't be there, because hopefully I will be able to understand better some of the things you'll be going through, so I won't be lost, confused, and paranoid. When you lock yourself into your room and won't immerge w/o the bribery of food, I don't want to think the worst. When you lash out at everyone, or turn into a blob on the couch, or if your grades begin to slip, or you've decided that you want to wear nothing but black clothing, I want to understand and be able to help...w/o spying and invading your privacy. And God willing, if none of these things happen, and you indeed continue to be responsible, and sweet, and your grades continue to be outstanding, and you don't turn into a scary teenager; I want to show you my appreciation in a way that you will understand and be happy with."
Yea, I think I got as far as "no sweethe..." and he was off to the next thought. He must have half listened at least, because he smiled his beautiful, freckled, sparkly eyed smile when I was done.

Thank goodness I have the book! Thanks Andi!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Needed a laugh

5 hours, 2 coupons, LOTS of fine print, and 2 dead battery phones later---I was searching for a laugh!

So I went to my tried and true Cake Wrecks and got exactly what I needed! I'm telling you, Thursday's post is a stitch! They always deliver! Check out catalog living if you get a chance too! The escape of the yellow sweater!

Why did I need a laugh? A $500 charge for an itinerary that wasn't booked. That's right folks, I've been charged (so far for just a portion) of an itinerary that I saved, but did not book. There could be another $1200 charge for the rest of the itinerary package. (both to be reimbursed, but it may take up to 72 business hours)

Coupons for my trouble, credits** for the hassle, fine print for the heck of it, and 5 hours later...we have laughter.

Thanks Cake Wrecks!

**in addition to the money being reimbursed

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ahhh summer!

Today has been a perfectly uneventful day. The boys have friends over, the house is chaotic, the dog had an accident in the living room, I booked our vacation, baked some cookies, and read a book.


Benjamin cut my camera cord in half. He was trying to create 1 cord from 2 cords. It didn't work. Now I can't upload pictures.

The dog chewed the cord of our new laptop. It no longer works. When B went to Best Buy and Radio Shack he discovered a universal cord would cost nearly $100. After picking his jaw up from the floor, we ordered one online--specifically for our laptop-- for $23 (including shipping) it will be here this week.

In the meantime I am using my old laptop. GASP! I's working now. Of course. We bought a new one, and miraculously this one started to work. But only propped with the cord a certain way. Beggars can't be choosers I guess.

I got a new chair at work. It's comfy.

I had the last 10 days off from work, and after working 6, I will have another 9 off. That makes me happy too.

I did some rearranging in the house. Remember this room?
It is now our former formal dining room. Remember this room. Well. that very door is one of my favorite things about this house. We can sit in that room with the screen door closed, and feel as if we are outside. Unfortunately, as a formal dining room it was not getting utilized the way it should, so I thought it would be best to combine the 2 rooms. We need to make a trip to get more book shelves now, because what once was wall to wall floor to ceiling in our small spare room, is no longer wall to wall floor to ceiling in our former dining room. BUT! It looks awesome! If I do say so myself. (thanks babe for the muscles!)

Summer has been pretty good to us so far, so I will continue to count the blessings that I have. I will continue to think of my dad with each day, and my heart does continue to ache when I think of my loss. Selfishly I want him with me.

I'll be back. Hopefully on the new laptop, and with pictures uploaded. Until then, check out ANOTHER cool blog! I was entranced by this through the world of Facebook. Have fun! Catalog Living