Friday, July 9, 2010

Needed a laugh

5 hours, 2 coupons, LOTS of fine print, and 2 dead battery phones later---I was searching for a laugh!

So I went to my tried and true Cake Wrecks and got exactly what I needed! I'm telling you, Thursday's post is a stitch! They always deliver! Check out catalog living if you get a chance too! The escape of the yellow sweater!

Why did I need a laugh? A $500 charge for an itinerary that wasn't booked. That's right folks, I've been charged (so far for just a portion) of an itinerary that I saved, but did not book. There could be another $1200 charge for the rest of the itinerary package. (both to be reimbursed, but it may take up to 72 business hours)

Coupons for my trouble, credits** for the hassle, fine print for the heck of it, and 5 hours later...we have laughter.

Thanks Cake Wrecks!

**in addition to the money being reimbursed

1 comment:

Kami said...

Oh ick .. what a hassle indeed! I do love Cake Wrecks for a good laugh, though .. :)