Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pencil me in please....

I can not believe I have reached a point in my life that if I want to see my friends, I need to pencil them into my calendar! I just scheduled a time slot with a girlfriend--for NEXT Friday! That was the first available day for both of us! What will we do? We aren't sure...probably nothing, but at least we will do it together! I am amazed at how fast life is going, and sometimes I feel like I'm just watching it. THANK GOODNESS FOR FACEBOOK!! Its the only way to keep in touch with some people....Jill you need to get on it, I'll email pictures to you/of you and your family so you can get started!

Last night we had a wonderful dinner at Paul and Allison's. Unfortunately we did not have the boys, so it was just Brian and I but we had a really good time. Allison made a wonderful dinner, and I made bread pudding for the first time ever!! Not too bad for my first, needs adjustments though. We looked through some photo albums, and saw some great 90's hairdos that will somehow be used material for a roast...just need to figure out details.

Tomorrow we have a fundraiser for Lincoln that I am helping with, and I have to be at the location at 7:30 am. What was I thinking? Then we have bowling with our GIFT group which should be fun too! It will be another whirlwind week, so for now I am enjoying a glass of wine on the sofa while Brian rents a movie. We'll see if he actually stays awake for the whole thing this time. Doubtful!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fireproof and such

The week after Brian and I got married, we went to a fall party where we met a couple who strongly urged us to see a movie that they had just gone to in the theater. That following week at our Bible study, another couple raved about the same movie and said that we all absolutely needed to see it. They even offered to be babysitters so that those of us in Bible study could go. Well, it has taken Brian and I until now to rent a movie--just for us and not for kids. So I chose that movie. It is called Fireproof.
HOLY COW!! It is a fantastic movie! The acting is really awful not perfect, in fact, I compare it to the old ABC after school specials...anyway, while no one in this movie has been nominated for an Oscar, the storyline is very clear! It is about a couple on the brink of divorce, and how they come back from it. Through the Word. The husband (Caleb) outwardly shuns God in the beginning, but eventually fully gives himself to God, and sure enough, the Lord worked through Caleb and turned his life-and attutide toward his wife- around. There is a particular point in the movie where Caleb is ranting to his father about how his wife is selfish, and turns away his efforts, and doesn't respect him, and won't love him, etc. All the while his father is walking and listening and by the time the rant is over dad is standing in front of a very large wooden cross. Of course, here comes the slap you in the face gentle suggestion that Caleb is doing the same thing with God. And you can't love if you don't know love. And you can't know love if you don't accept God's love. WOW!!
I have always been a believer, and I would like to say that all of my actions are prayerful, but they are not. After watching this movie though, it put some things in perspective for me. If I truly want my marriage--and any other relationship--to thrive, I need to give it to God. I adore my husband, I love him as much as I know how to, but sometimes my motives are not pure. Sometimes I want things from him that he cannot give, and after watching this I know now that if I give my marriage to God, and listen for His wisdom, then my marriage will be able to withstand anything. I HIGHLY recommend this movie to ANY couple!!

Tuesday night was the first phase of the study I am doing at Mayo. I couldn't list all of the things that they did to me (or why) but the 2 that stand out were the 7 hours of blood draws every half hour (or 20 minutes in some cases) and the 2 leg muscle biopsies! Ouch ooch ouchie! I am a weeping crying screaming baby can tolerate small amounts of pain-- not that this surprises many of you-- and believe it or not, the blood draws were worse than the biopsies...until now. UGH! My legs hurt, I am waddling like a duck, and don't even get me started on the stairs. Christian compares it to waiting in traffic. The next part of the study is 8 weeks of weight resistance with a down side to this? Not so much!
Right now I am watching the snow fall with the thunder and lightening! Ahhh winter!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Benjamin's birthday

Benjamin Avery was born into the world at 9lbs 9oz at 3:42 pm Friday Feburary 13th 1998. My labor was over 29 hours long, and there were a couple bumps along the way, but he was a healthy happy solid baby right from the beginning! He was sleeping through the night almost immediately and he was the most easy going baby I have ever met!
It was just him and I back then. I was a single (very young) girl who was suddenly a mother, and while the circumstances were not ideal, I am SO happy to have Benjamin as a son. I was scared of the unknown and very nervous about the things I did know, but you can be certain as soon as that baby boy entered this world I was ALL about being the best mother I could. I had a wonderful network of friends who were not even considering having children of their own at the time, so Benjamin was sort of adopted in as our mascot! Everyday w/o fail someone would come to the townhouse and go straight for Baby Bubba as soon as they got in the door! (This was his official mascot nickname!) I also met Brian when Benjamin was 6 weeks old, and the 2 of them became fast friends! Benjamin loved Brian more than nearly anyone else because he tweeted like a bird, and he quacked like a duck when Benjamin touched the bill of his baseball hat, or his necklace (hey it was the 90's ok necklaces for men were "in").
I knew right away that Benjamin would be an intelligent kid. He was talking and counting to ten the Christmas before his first birthday. We was even spelling at the age of 2. I feel very fortunate that he and I were able to spend so much time together before he was in school. I will never regret the decision to stay home with them rather than send them to daycare! He is growing up so fast, and it amazes me that 11 years ago I was holding an infant in my arms whose entire world depended on me and what I knew. And now I am amazed by what he knows, and I am grateful that he is here to help teach me. I thank God that he trusted me to walk with Benjamin in his life, and I hope that he and I will always remain as close as we are. I feel blessed to be his mother and I look forward to every fleeting moment I get to spend with him.
Here he is over the years:

2005, we were playing with the different settings on our first digital camera!!

2006, Murphy E's birthday party, he was being a good sport for all the little ones.

2006, this was what I found on the camera one day...Mr. Benjamin got ahold of the camera!

Feb 2007 Benjamin and his good buddy MoJo

June 2008 Benjamin on my birthday at 300 First--can you tell he likes taking pix of himself?

Jan 2009 He is imitating me before I leave for book club. Brian and I keep telling him he has to stop giving us such great material for graduation time! This picture is priceless!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A day for Love

I don't understand why people don't like Valentine's Day. So what if the card companies and chocolate companies and floral companies take advantage of a day of love? I absolutely agree that we should be telling those we love EVERYday that we love them, but I also think it is great to take one day in particular to really BE in love. I don't mean buying flowers and chocolates, sending a heart shaped card, or even going to a fancy dinner. I just mean BE. BE in love. Remember what brought you together in love, and just BE--for one day.
I am head over heels, lucky in love, amazed everyday, by this wonderful husband of mine, and I am glad there is a day dedicated to showing him that love!! Plus the sun is shining and it is a BEAUTIFUL day!!
To my sweet boys, my handsome husband, my supportive family, and the people I am honored to call my friends, I wish you all a wonderful, love filled Valentine's Day!! (and maybe even some chocolate? Or some flowers to brighten up the gray of winter?)

(tomorrow I will leave a post about Benjamin's bday!)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Not Me Monday

Ok, I haven't done this for a couple weeks, but there have been a few moments this past week that I am not proud here we go!

I did not spend 4 1/2 hours at Panera on Friday morning on my laptop because the router wasn't working at home. I did not drop Christian off at school early just so I could get there to check my email, and I absolutely did NOT sit there the entire time w/o ordering a single thing! Nope not me!

I did not eat out every day that my husband was on his "study diet". The meals that I did not eat out were not Arbys, Panera, and yuck ick gross McDonalds. I did not nearly get sick from lack of healthy food, and I did not over do the veggies today. Me? Not!

I did not make petty comments to a friend about a person who has gotten under my skin for years. I did not make those comments out of frustration, nor did I want to make those comments to that person directly, just to be spiteful, even though I think her actions were quite childish! ( I later did not pray my way through those feelings and mean comments) Never me!

I did not miss my husband the last 2 nights while he was in the hospital completing his study. I did not ask each boy if he wanted to sleep with me just for fun while Brian was gone. And I certainly did not ask them just so that I wouldn't have to sleep alone.

I did not grumble my way through a volunteer project for the principal today, even though it wasn't a big commitment. I absolutely did not complain about this project because it was too cold and windy outside to be running around this particular building. That would mean that I am growing weak in my resolution to not complain about the weather, and that certainly would not be me!