Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pencil me in please....

I can not believe I have reached a point in my life that if I want to see my friends, I need to pencil them into my calendar! I just scheduled a time slot with a girlfriend--for NEXT Friday! That was the first available day for both of us! What will we do? We aren't sure...probably nothing, but at least we will do it together! I am amazed at how fast life is going, and sometimes I feel like I'm just watching it. THANK GOODNESS FOR FACEBOOK!! Its the only way to keep in touch with some people....Jill you need to get on it, I'll email pictures to you/of you and your family so you can get started!

Last night we had a wonderful dinner at Paul and Allison's. Unfortunately we did not have the boys, so it was just Brian and I but we had a really good time. Allison made a wonderful dinner, and I made bread pudding for the first time ever!! Not too bad for my first, needs adjustments though. We looked through some photo albums, and saw some great 90's hairdos that will somehow be used material for a roast...just need to figure out details.

Tomorrow we have a fundraiser for Lincoln that I am helping with, and I have to be at the location at 7:30 am. What was I thinking? Then we have bowling with our GIFT group which should be fun too! It will be another whirlwind week, so for now I am enjoying a glass of wine on the sofa while Brian rents a movie. We'll see if he actually stays awake for the whole thing this time. Doubtful!

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