Monday, March 2, 2009

Not Me Monday!!

Here we are, its Monday, and I am reflecting on the past week...have I got any Not Me moments to fess up to? OF COURSE!! Now remember Not Me Monday is a way to come clean with all of the things I did, but w/o actually admitting it--because it was Not Me!!

My 3 day study diet started last Sunday...which was also the day of the Scouts Blue and Gold of which I needed to make cupcakes for. I was NOT ALLOWED to eat ANYthing that was not given to me by the cafeteria/lab lady at the CRU. I did NOT lick my finger once. Not just one tiny little bitty lick...I washed the rest of it away!

I did not spend the entire day Wednesday pouting through the blood draws that they had to perform. I did not nearly cry each time the nurse came in to torture me draw my blood. Not me!

I certainly did not spend the entire day Wednesday fantasizing of getting out of the hospital and eating Big Macs and french fries-- only to order a salad from the hospital cafeteria/lab lady--and go home to bed. And since I did not go home to bed (after laying in a hospital bed for 2 days), I did not miss Ash Wednesday with my family!

I did not lose to my 11 year old son bowling yesterday--TWICE!

During the fundraiser for Lincoln yesterday morning, I was behind the bar pouring drinks for the breakfast at Applebees. I did not have flashbacks of bar tending and I absolutely DID NOT miss bar tending and did not have the slightest desire to go back to it again!

Ahhh, now that all of that is off my chest...its your turn! Try a Not Me Monday and see how it feels to get those embarrassing, not so proud moments out in the open! It feels good!!

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