Sunday, March 15, 2009

Over a year

I have had this blog for just over a year! I love having a place to go to not only reflect on my week (or month lately) and keep our friends and family updated on our lives at the same time. Apparently I have not been blogging often enough though because I have had a few people mention that it has been too long since my last my apologies to those who read this...and my thanks to you too!! I've lost some of my Mojo with the blog though, and I hope that I can regain it. I would like to take it in another direction, with some updates still, but maybe some more of my thoughts about the goings on in the world. But for today I will just give a quick update.
Today Benjamin celebrated his First Communion! It was quite interesting to see all of the 5th graders take the wine...and mention the "bite" it had at the end! It was a big exciting step for Benjamin and I am proud of him for putting in the effort leading up to today.

We spent some time with Jesse, Tahnee, and the girls this weekend. It feels really good to be seeing them regularily again, its just too bad that it takes me having to make an appointment to make it happen. But I guess that is the way it goes when the kids are as busy as they are!

Last night we went to the Rochester Dance Company's version of Teenage Wasteland. It was a compilation of dancing of different styles, and it was thoroughly entertaining. The boys really liked it too, and it is just the first of several plays we are looking forward to seeing this year.
We joined the Y last week. We have been thinking about doing it for almost a year now. We have asked a zillion questions about membership and classes, and we finally bit the bullet. I am in a study right now that requires me to meet with a trainer 4 days a week for 8 weeks, so when this is done I would like to maintain the fitness routine, and the Y is a great place to do that. The boys have gone swimming several times this past week and I can't wait to join a few of the classes that they offer. Zumba and yoga will be the first on my list!
Yesterday we opened up the windows and let the fresh air come in! It was wonderful, and of course the cats took advantage of the breeze coming in through the window. I love Spring!

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