Saturday, February 14, 2009

A day for Love

I don't understand why people don't like Valentine's Day. So what if the card companies and chocolate companies and floral companies take advantage of a day of love? I absolutely agree that we should be telling those we love EVERYday that we love them, but I also think it is great to take one day in particular to really BE in love. I don't mean buying flowers and chocolates, sending a heart shaped card, or even going to a fancy dinner. I just mean BE. BE in love. Remember what brought you together in love, and just BE--for one day.
I am head over heels, lucky in love, amazed everyday, by this wonderful husband of mine, and I am glad there is a day dedicated to showing him that love!! Plus the sun is shining and it is a BEAUTIFUL day!!
To my sweet boys, my handsome husband, my supportive family, and the people I am honored to call my friends, I wish you all a wonderful, love filled Valentine's Day!! (and maybe even some chocolate? Or some flowers to brighten up the gray of winter?)

(tomorrow I will leave a post about Benjamin's bday!)

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