Monday, February 2, 2009

Not Me Monday

Ok, I haven't done this for a couple weeks, but there have been a few moments this past week that I am not proud here we go!

I did not spend 4 1/2 hours at Panera on Friday morning on my laptop because the router wasn't working at home. I did not drop Christian off at school early just so I could get there to check my email, and I absolutely did NOT sit there the entire time w/o ordering a single thing! Nope not me!

I did not eat out every day that my husband was on his "study diet". The meals that I did not eat out were not Arbys, Panera, and yuck ick gross McDonalds. I did not nearly get sick from lack of healthy food, and I did not over do the veggies today. Me? Not!

I did not make petty comments to a friend about a person who has gotten under my skin for years. I did not make those comments out of frustration, nor did I want to make those comments to that person directly, just to be spiteful, even though I think her actions were quite childish! ( I later did not pray my way through those feelings and mean comments) Never me!

I did not miss my husband the last 2 nights while he was in the hospital completing his study. I did not ask each boy if he wanted to sleep with me just for fun while Brian was gone. And I certainly did not ask them just so that I wouldn't have to sleep alone.

I did not grumble my way through a volunteer project for the principal today, even though it wasn't a big commitment. I absolutely did not complain about this project because it was too cold and windy outside to be running around this particular building. That would mean that I am growing weak in my resolution to not complain about the weather, and that certainly would not be me!

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