Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Too much, too much!

Do you ever have a day that you think "God, this is too much, I can not handle anymore"? Even though I KNOW He does not give me more than I can handle, yesterday I had just about had enough! And then the blessings rained down! I am taught over and over to not doubt Him, and when I do start to have my doubts, He sends me the message loud and clear! In addition to the stresses of everyday life I have been experiencing real anxiety about the wedding. Its getting harder as the day gets closer. I've been playing it off as a joke, but it has really been affecting my thoughts and especially my sleep. This morning I was up at 5:08. Anyone who knows me knows this is TOO early for me! But 5:08 came along and my body said "Get up, you will not sleep in this bed anymore this morning" and it was right!
So today, I have worked on some ViE matters, did some MORE budget analysis for the wedding, booked our B&B for after the wedding and actually got to see Brian off when he left for work at 5:45am. The boys aren't even up for school yet, all in all its been a good start.

We got Benjamin his own trumpet yesterday. Last week he borrowed the instrument from the F.P. director because I was still trying to find one. Its a brand new instrument from Welhaven and it sounds MUCH better than the one he used over the week! I look forward to watching his concerts in the winter and spring.

Saturday Brian and I had our couples shower with his family. The day was gorgeous so we were able to be outside. We ate yummy food and seperated into the men vs women groups...and stayed that way most of the day. This was just fine with me since I don't get to see his sisters in law very often. After we opened our gifts several people left for the night so we started a bon fire. While we were sitting around it, the neighbors (who were having a crazy party) joined us.

The man in the grass skirt did some "fire twirling". Quite entertaining! This is how the neighbors and their friends spent their day.
1. Break into couples
2. Begin drinking at 10am
3. Drink 18 alcoholic drinks between the 2 of you
4. Play yard games
5. Do obstacle courses
6. Gymnastics follow much later in the evening
7. Nap
8. Start over
So by the time we saw them in the evening...they were long gone!
It was a beautiful weekend, we couldn't have asked for better weather, I hope the first weekend in October will be comparable. One last moment to thank God for the blessings in my life. I am so grateful!

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