Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Exciting news!!

Last night this is what we found.

So this morning I took the bowl to the school so the boys wouldn't miss the unveiling of our monarch. At 3:00 when I went back to the school, I found the monarch in all its glory hanging from its empty chrysalis. Unfortunately, both classes were out of the room at the time, so no one saw the magic happen! Big bummer....but it certainly is a beautiful butterfly! After school was over Christian and I looked at her wings and discovered that she was indeed a she. Then we took her to the butterfly garden outside of the primary rooms at the school where Christian carefully and expertly got her on his hand and placed her on a nectaring flower so she could gain some strength!

HOW FUN! I would like to do this each year, and hopefully one year we will be able to catch the moment where the butterfly emerges, I bet it is pretty cool!

We got to spend some time with the Hoekstras and Mike on Sunday. (6'5 Mike sitting on 5'10 Brian's lap is always funny to us!) It is always good to just hang out with them. Lately it has been so brief and we haven't been able to spend hours talking and catching up...but winter is coming so maybe our time is coming?
Tomorrow is also Brian's birthday! We bought him a new bike a couple weeks ago and today I bought a pretty nifty chair! He doesn't seem to think it makes a good b-day gift, but I disagree! I love it!

On top of the chair is a coffee bean bag that I got from Dunn Bros. I got 5 of them that I will use to wrap the flower pots for the wedding. And as a bonus, the fronts will make cool hanging art downstairs! Thanks Jesse for the idea!

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