Friday, August 29, 2008

From Monarchs to Chesterbay...and back!

My blogs these days are coming so close together...there is just so much to share!
I met with the florist this week! She is wonderful! The thing that I love about her is exactly what sets her apart from all the other florists in Rochester...she doesn't just think FLOWERS!! We've got kale, acorns, bittersweet, crab apples and grains, and of course, mums and dahlias and gerber daisies, I'm LOVING IT!!!!! After our initial meeting, I went back that afternoon to purchase plants with the boys, and while we were there she showed the boys the monarch caterpillars that she had all over her garden. She offered to let them take one home, so we did. All week we have been watching the caterpillar devour leaf after leaf, and pooh, my word how much can such a small thing pooh? It has made for interesting conversations and learning in our house this week! To make it better, Benjamin has been invited to go Monarch tagging on Sunday afternoon! I can't wait to hear how it goes!
This weekend we are watching our Goddaughter Callie Ann. Her parents have a wedding in SD this weekend so we have her through Monday! So far its been good! I'm a little nervous about 5 days with a 2 year old again...but its a good reminder of what those days were like with the boys!
While Brian and Benjamin were at football, Christian, Callie and I went to Thursdays on First again, but this time to watch ChesterBay.
DEC 2006
The boys just LOVE them! They don't play in venues appropriate for the boys very often, so it is rare that the boys actually get to see them live, but tonight was a perfect opportunity! The first time the boys met the band in Dec 06, they got to hang out on stage, play their guitars, and the band was just incredibly gracious! So tonight, while they took a break Christian (carefully and nervously)went and talked to one of the brothers (Jake) who remembered him!
AUG 08
It was a great icebreaker when Jake recalled the night on the stage (which is such a vivid memory for Christian) Benjamin and Brian were able to catch the last 15 min of the show, and we were able to get some pictures with Christian and Jake when the concert was over. I am grateful to ChesterBay, they don't have to take any time to talk to the boys, they are just typical college kids who live the college life...but they are making a difference in my boys' lives, and I appreciate that!
AUG 08 we get home from the concert, after carefully looking over the caterpillar Benjamin has concern that the caterpillar is not OK, but I send him to bed assuring him that the darn thing will be alive and well in the am. So off he goes with a goodnight to the yellow and black striped gizmo hanging in the bowl....NOT EVEN AN HOUR LATER, this is what I find.

Now mind you, it is in a glass bowl and it is attached to the leaves around it, so I couldn't move things out of the way to take a pix from the inside but HOW COOL!!! The boys will be excited when they wake up! I just wish I had gotten around to taking a picture of it before it made the chrysalis!

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