Friday, August 8, 2008

My vacation

The boys have been gone for their last week of summer activities all this week, so I took a little vaca too...from housework! Oh boy! I reverted back to the days of high school, when my parents were out of town, and I made messes just because I could. Of course before they came back there was always a scramble to undo my messes, sometimes successfully, other times not so much. In this case, I have created a mountain of laundry, and oodles of little things to do. I love to have their rooms spick and span, clean bedding, dusted surfaces and everything in its place when they come home from being gone. And I will accomplish that today (if I get off the computer). If I learned anything this week, it is that making messes now isn't nearly as much fun as it was back then. I keep looking around and more week vacations from housework. Even my plants are looking a little sad. And in true Jodie fashion, it always gets worse before it gets no drop bys today folks!
On a very exciting note...We got our first RSVP today!!! Our first 2 guests have confirmed...YEA!!

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