Monday, August 4, 2008

Blog Blog Bloggin away...

Have you ever had one of those days where you just CAN NOT wait for your loved one to come home so you can vent about your day? And then when he (or she) walks in the door you can just tell that maybe his (yes, or her) day was worse? Well, tonight Brian came home looking like he got run over by a train...probably not in the mood for my venting, so I figured I would just write it down. Who knew? It worked! Not only do I feel a little better, but Brian didn't have to listen to me ramble.
Here's the deal...When you go into a fitting room, it is not your bedroom. Nor is it your bathroom, in fact, the fitting room is NOT in your home at all! So when you remove the clothes that you have tried on, and decided not to purchase DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT leave them on the floor. Do not leave pants with one leg pulled through the top. Do not hang shirts from a hook with the arms inside right, but the body inside out. And then, for the love of all retail sales ladies DO NOT say to her as you walk away having purchased nothing "I hope its ok, I left them in the room." Because NO! It is not OK that you left 600 items on the floor in that 3X3 room with hangers everywhere and every item turned inside out!! But at this point what is she to say? "Go back in there and get them." or "Come clean your room or don't come back?" She is not your maid, your mother, or a slave!
This summer since the boys aren't in school I work so when I go into my fun relaxing part time job, I get so frustrated by women who do this! It astonishes me! I couldn't even imagine leaving a fitting room in such disarray! If you don't pass Shopping Ettiquette 101, then you are not allowed to use a fitting room. A license should be presented before you are allowed into a room! If only!
Ahhhh....I feel a little better now, but I work again tomorrow cross your fingers!

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