Sunday, August 17, 2008

Summer is coming to a close

We came back from the cabin today, and I am proud to say that cabin laundry is no match for me!! I have the last load in the dryer! It was a beautiful weekend in Nisswa, the kids had a blast and we enjoyed our time with the Vulcans. On Saturday we took a walk into Nisswa with all of the kids to do some shopping and get ice cream and shop at the toy store. The boys earned some money when they dog sat a month ago and it has just been burning away in their pockets. But each time they try to spend it they leave the store vowing that they are going to save for something big. Benjamin has been saving quite a bit of his money lately from Christmas and bdays etc...but Christian found something he couldn't live w/o this weekend in one of the shops. I absolutely adore downtown Nisswa, all of the shops have great decor ideas and smell wonderful. Of course we can't go to Nisswa w/o a stop at the Chocolate Ox for ice cream, so after we left to come home today, Brian the boys and I stopped downtown again to have a little family time and get some ice cream cones. Its too bad we weren't able to spend more time up there, it ended way too quickly.

Tomorrow is the beginning of football...5-6 days a week! Thankfully Brian coaches too so I don't have to do the carpooling! ViE duties are starting to pick up, as well as auction crunch time and PPT. While I am not looking forward to summer being over, I am looking forward to seeing my Lincoln peeps, being involved, and having a regular routine again. We have no more out of town plans for the summer. I hope to have some more play dates, sleepovers, maybe a dinner party then BOOM Sept will be here! Then it will be the countdown to my marvelous wedding.....

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