Thursday, August 14, 2008

Its over

This week has been exhausting...but grampa's funeral was Thursday, so now we can begin the healing. I have been affected by his passing much more than I thought I would. I keep thinking about my grandma and how she is doing, and it makes my heart hurt. We know God will provide comfort for her, we know she will find company in her family and we know she is not alone....but I bet she feels alone anyway, and that is hard to think about. I pray that God will bring her peace in knowing that grampa is with Him now and protecting her not in body but in spirit. The wake and the funeral brought my entire family together, and I feel blessed to have seen them all. I saw 3 cousins that I haven't seen in years and it was wonderful. The wake last night and the funeral today were beautiful celebrations of grampa's life.

After the funeral and burial today we went to my aunt and uncle's house where the kids swam and swam, then the rains came...and they swam some more! Even while it poured the bigger kids (including both of our boys) stayed in the pool. Of course, once it started looking more like a storm, and less like just a shower we pulled them out.

It took me back to childhood when my cousins and I would spend hours in the pool while the adults just waited for us to need something...a towel, some goggles, the restroom, a floaty...You know the drill, just waited. :) Now the roles have changed and I enjoy it just as much. I only wish we could all be together like that more often. It turned out to be a really nice day (all things considered).
Today we leave for up north-ish to the cabin on Lake Hubert. Brian and I have been looking forward to this weekend all summer and I just can not wait to get up there, get settled and sit on the dock with a cocktail. Especially after this past week. 5 hours and we're gone!

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