Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

We just returned from the Ekblad family cabin...and what a wonderful time the 8 of us had!! This is a family we met through Christian all because he made a dear friend (Ethan) in kindergarten, and over the years his mother (April) and I have gotten to be friends as well. Their daughter (Ellie) was in Benjamin's class a couple times over the years so they are friends too.

That just leaves the Brians...Brian Ekblad and of course Brian Meurer. (no pictures of them together though!) Our move also brought us into their neighborhood so we have been able to see them often outside of school.
Their cabin is just outside Cambridge MN on Green Lake. The weather was absolutely stunning! It rained a little during the night one night, but by morning it was drying up and didn't even stunt our plans! We tubed, swam, the boys fished, April and I sunned, the boys spent ENDless hours frogging and turtling, we cooked, we shopped....ahhh it was terrific!

Their cabin is in the midst of a swamp...literally, but it is nestled in a way that is private and clean and spacious. The boys caught frogs and built frog cities. Frog-opolis housed Frog-elope, Buddy, The Boss, Tree, and dozens of other froggies. The boys were devestated at the end of each day when they had to set them free. But FIRST thing the next am they were back at it again, successfully finding handfuls of frogs to build a whole new city for.

The kids also had tube wars behind the boat...Brian and I even gave it a shot a couple times, he won! But, only because I let him!
There were a couple hiccups during the trip, on the way up we had a flat tire on the boat trailer, bees took over a birdhouse, the boys had a chigger scare, we lost a flip flop walking in the inlet to the swamp (very dramatic!), Lucy the dog got stung by a bee, and Brian (Meurer) wasn't feeling well the second night....but none of these things put a damper on the fun that was had! Not to mention gas was "only" $3.51 in Cambridge!!
Thank you Ekblad's for a great getaway....but it is always nice to be back in our home!

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