Saturday, July 19, 2008

Summer of firsts...

This summer I vowed that I would live in the moment, and I am proud to say we have been doing a pretty decent job! Last weekend we rented tandem bikes from Silver Lake Rental. Everyone loved it, except Benjamin! He hated having to be in the back and not have any control over the bike. The rest of us thought it was great fun. After a stop at Roscoes for some ice cream we took the bikes back and Benjamin was happy again.

This past Tuesday we had our first summer GIFT (Growing In Faith Together) get together. The Napton's were gracious enough to host it for us, and since they had a pool it was great fun for all the kids. For the second year our Zumbro Youth mission group is going to Jamaica to the Robin's Nest Children's home. Each family in our group donated items for our mission group to take with and share with the kids at Robin's Nest. We brought all the items and toys to the pool party and Lisa Kipp took a moment to explain to our children the importance of these donations. It was great to watch Christian when he learned what was being done with the toys that he helped pick out. We all said a prayer afterward and I thanked my God that I have made these new friends and have joined such a wonderful group!! They leave tomorrow and we pray that they have safe travels.

Daisy and Jake went home yesterday. It was bittersweet to see them go. It was fun to have them stay with us, but after 2 weeks it was nice to have the house back to normal. We get to see the cats a little more too.

Today Benjamin had one of his baseball tournament games in which he hit a grand slam!! Well, not quite a grand slam, as he slid into home plate he got tagged out by the catcher...but SO close!! It was so exciting! That ball looked like it could have gone over the fence, it was probably only 20 feet from the fence when it came down from the air! He was clearly on cloud nine, his whole team played an excellent game, it was definitely a fun one to watch!
After the game we went for a picnic at Essex, and then a walk in the rain! Another of our firsts...we have never taken a walk in the rain as a family, or as a couple. We jumped in the puddles, and played at the park, we were soaked through but it was a blast!

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