Thursday, July 24, 2008

Say cheese!

The boys had Vacation Bible School this week. Christian is really a sponge when it comes to Sunday School and Bible camp. He is learning the Word through songs and is excited to go each day, and then he comes home and we listen to his VBS cd, which now plays over and over in my head 24/7! He has so much to report each day when its has been really good for him this week! Benjamin left for Webelos camp bright and early Wednesday morning and will be back Sat. I miss him when he is gone, but he is learning some great skills at camp too. Survival of a different sort I guess you could say!
With the boys being gone each morning it has given me an opportunity to do some wedding planning! The little details that are usually saved for the last minute are getting done, my checklist is getting...well...checked. I read a wild craft book about creating some fantastic fall decorations with real leaves, apples, acorns, etc. I am so looking forward to making these pieces, they will be perfect for our day.

Wednesday evening we got our engagement/wedding day idea pictures taken. Our super photographer Tiffany was such a dear! She has great ideas and was even able to take pictures with Brian's eyes open!! I am excited to have her be our photographer and even more excited to see what she will do with them to make them even better!

Today was also our cake testing at Daubes. What fun! Of course the cakes were delicious, but Christian came home with a tummy ache. Too many sweets. It was a great chance for us to try some different flavors. Now to narrow it down somehow?
We wrapped the day up with dinner at the church with all the VBS kids and their families and a special song/dance performance. Then a stop down at Thursdays on First where Christian got a balloon turtle! He thought it looked like a I colored his shell when we got home, and now he is perfect. Too cute!

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