Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Slowing down...

Summer is rolling right along...and we are rolling along with it! The weather could not have been better for the 4th of July! We had the Vulcan's stay with us for the day/night. After spending the day together we walked down to Silver Lake to watch the fireworks.

Of course the boys spent much of their time at the skatepark. Some of their friends joined them which made the 2 hours that we were there before the fireworks started go pretty smoothly. Little Callie and Andrew sure were busy bees during the fireworks. About half way through the display I brought energetic Callie onto our blanket and she snuggled in between Benjamin and I. She fell promptly to sleep and slept all the way through the finale!
We picked up the Robelia's dogs on Sunday. We have them for 2 whole weeks! So far so good. Jake is a 13 year old Schnauzer who HATES cats! Daisy is a 1 year old Schnauzer who barely notices the cats! Poor Paddie and MoJo. They spend a lot of time in high places so Jake (who is nearly deaf) can't find them. It is pretty chaotic when Jake finally notices one of them and goes tearing through the house barking, barking, barking! Its been entertaining so far!
Wedding plans are falling perfectly into place! I am having so much fun and really loving all the ideas we are coming up with. I have even found my dress!!! I LOVE IT! It is stunning!! So far everything we have done matches Brian and I in a wonderful way. This really is going to be OUR wedding and I cannot wait! Tuesday night we sat down with a bottle of wine and some instrumental CDs to find music for the ceremony. We also read different verses in The Bible to come up with readings for the ceremony and decided on a few that we enjoy. It was a beautiful evening out on the patio planning our wedding...wish I had my camera!

This a picture of the boys on one of our many, many, yes many trips to the Plummer House. I keep going up there to look for picture locations, ceremony possibilities, decoration ideas...I can't stay away!

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