Sunday, June 29, 2008

1 hour!!

The boys will be home within the hour, and I cannot wait! Before they left last Sunday I told them I would bake something for everyday they were gone. I wasn't even done saying the words when I thought "What have I done to myself?" I didn't want to disappoint them, so today I spent the day baking! It was so much fun, I really enjoyed it. Thank goodness it wasn't a hot day because that oven sure kept the kitchen pretty toasty! So when the boys come home they will be able to enjoy their choice of rhubarb cobbler, apple bread, raspberry squares, chocolate-chocolate chip cookies, and/or puppy chow! Puppy chow doesn't require actual baking, but I think they will be thrilled to have it!

This week has been a very productive week with the boys being gone. I got so much accomplished for the upcoming wedding. I have a caterer lined up; we are tweaking the menu right now. I have chosen a photographer, narrowed down all the florists to just one, purchased invitations, registered at Macy's and Target...I am loving this process! The wedding is 3 short months away, but everything is falling perfectly into place! Including the "small" detail that our wedding is on a Sunday and the Vikings don't play until Monday night! Whew! I am marrying into a big Viking fan family, so this is a big deal!
As for the proposal, this is a story that could have been written in a movie. He did such a fantastic job at surprising me! Brian asked me to go for a walk around Quarry Hill. We were walking in an area up on the hill that neither of us have been around on before when we came to a bench that overlooked downtown Rochester and the savannah.

I sat on the bench to take in the view, and Brian stood behind to read the info plaque. It was all about the savannah grasses, and buckthorn, oak trees, wildlife etc. After the actual info was over, Brian continued to read (or so I thought) and said "This bench overlooks beautiful downtown Rochester, and is the perfect place to propose to your girlfriend"...I was surprised to hear this so I said "It really says that?!?!" As I was turning around to look at the plaque, he got on one knee and said some more amazing words with my ring in his hand. I of course was in tears and couldn't speak. But did manage to accept his wonderful question! I will always remember that moment, the look in his eyes and the touching things he said before he asked me to be his wife. I do I do!!
It was an absolute perfect proposal!

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