Monday, June 9, 2008

My birthday weekend...

This has been a fantastic weekend! On Friday we had the Robelias over to grill out. The rain had us a little worried, but it turned out to be a beautiful night. We were able to eat our first meal of summer vacation out on the patio with super company!
The next morning was my 30th birthday. One tradition in our family is that whoever has their birthday gets breakfast of their choice in bed. So I woke to the 3 of them singing as they walked in with my breakfast. What a great sound to wake up to! After giving me their cards we all hung out and watched the storm that came through. It was certainly short lived because not long after we were at Christian's final soccer game. He scored 3 more goals! He had a fantastic season, so much fun to watch!

My Bday dinner was at 300First for just the 4 of us! It was super delicious from beginning to end. The boys barely tasted the Chocolate Bread Pudding and Mocha French Silk Pie we ordered for dessert because they ate them both SO fast!

After dinner Brian and I went to Whistle Binkies on the Lake while the boys stayed home with their first babysitter! Brian surprised me by inviting some of our friends to meet us for drinks...He was so clever! It was good to have a mix of friends there who have never met each other. My sisters were able to come too, it was a fantastic surprise! I even took a spinning dance/lesson with a long lost friend on the dance floor, right after he bought me a shot! I have not done a shot in years so it didn't go down quite like a shot, more like a drink.

Even after all of this excitement my birthday wasn't over. We woke up the next morning and packed our bags to go to Kalahari in Wisconsin Dells. Before we left I tried to feed our frog and saw that the cover was off her bowl. Our sweet Lilly is gone, we don't know where. Maybe Paddington or Mojo had a midnight snack? Maybe I will find her under the stove? Right now it is not so fondly known as the Frogging Mystery of 811. (our house number) Stay tuned...maybe we will have an update on our sweet froggy.

Kalahari was a fantastic choice for all of us! I was a little hesitant to spend my birthday weekend in a swimming suit, but it turned out to be so much fun! There were so many cool slides and a lazy river, obstacle courses, and huge jungle gyms to play on. My favorite part of the park was the body surfing. I tried to get tricky by turning around, or getting on my knees, but I need more practice! Christian mastered it, he went no handed several times. Brian and Benjamin didn't have as much fun on the boards because their swim shorts were a little loose and they were afraid they would lose them in the wave! So they spent time in the hottubs and playing water basketball while Christian and I stood in line for body surfing.
The 4 of us were able to do some shopping, great dining, super playing, and much needed bonding!

To finish off our weekend we joined the Robelias and Naptons at Cold Stone for Allison's bday. Another superb weekend with my amazing family has come to a close! I am blessed beyond words. Thank you Brian for being so sweet, so creative and so sneaky! I am a lucky lady!

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Jadee B said...

It sounds like it was a great birthday for you and I'm very glad for that. I'm also happy I got to be a part of it. On to the next year!