Sunday, June 22, 2008

Goodbye boys...

The boys leave tonight to go camping up north. They will be gone for an entire week!! I have never been apart from them for this long, I have a feeling it is going to be difficult! They've gone to camps before, but never for more than 4 its twice as long! I am working a little at ReFashion this week to keep myself busy, and have made plans with some friends, but it will be the evenings when its just Brian and me that will be strange. With no boys to tuck in, no kisses and hugs, no "I love you moms", no stories, no laughing.... no arguing about teeth brushing, no laundry, no door slamming, no fighting between the 2 of them...well, maybe it won't be sooo bad!
Benjamin had football camp last week. Coach T's football camp to be exact. He was a fun coach, he seemed almost like a motivational speaker/football coach! Benjamin learned some great tools for this years football season. It was beautiful weather all week, sunny and warm everyday...of course that made it harder on the days that Benjamin had baseball too. He just fell into bed at the end of the day, Coach T definitely worked those kids!
While Benjamin was away Christian and I spent time swimming, he had a friend over, we worked in the was nice to have some one on one with him. He can make great conversation and he is always good for a laugh!
It is going to be a strange and quiet week in this house...I am already looking forward to them coming home and they haven't even left!

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