Thursday, June 5, 2008

Summer is here

Today was the last day of school!! It was an exciting and busy day for the boys including a trip to Slatterly Park. The school was buzzing with excitement, with kids and parents and teachers everywhere. We had to say goodbye to Mrs. Beeman this year. Benjamin had her for 2 years then Christian had her for 2 years, so after 4 straight years, we no longer get to have her as a teacher. Of course I will still see her in the school but she has been a fantastic influence for both boys and it will be sad to not work in her classroom anymore.
It was strange to leave the school today and know that I will not see these parents, students, and teachers for several months. I will probably miss some of the people I have come to know just as much as the boys will miss some of their friends. Of course the boys will still have playdates, and hopefully so will the moms!
Allison and I closed the school year with end of the year pedicures and a birthday lunch at our Faithful Panera. My tootsies definitely needed the TLC. It has been ages since I treated myself to a pedi, and even longer since I did it with a friend.
To close the day we had Christian's last soccer practice, but instead of practice we grilled out. Of course we got rained on a little and I was beginning to wonder what we thought when we followed through with the grilling idea, but it cleared up and turned into a lovely evening. The boys had a pick up game against the dads...I never found out who won but it was super fun to watch. Even Brian (who isn't much of a soccer player) impressed me with his fancy footwork! Christian has come such a long way this season, he really is improving and staying focused during the games and I will miss the soccer season. His last game is Saturday, another event coming to a close. After Saturday our activity schedule is down to just baseball...that sounds so good to say!

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