Saturday, May 31, 2008


What a crazy day! Is it sunny and hot? Is it rainy and chilly? How about some hail? All in one day, only in Minnesota!

Today I found out that I am going to be the PPT President Elect next year at Lincoln. PPT stands for Program Planning Team, and it is the Lincoln version of PTSA, or PTA. Right now, I attend meetings as a parent, but it will be a terrific experience to be apart of the team as more than just a parent. As President Elect I will spend a year shadowing the 2 PPT Presidents to learn what it is that I will do when I serve as President. I gave thought and prayer to the decision before I made it and I am looking forward to the challenge it will bring me. I know this is chance for me to grow as a mother and as a future business person, so I am glad that I have the opportunity.
Tonight we spent a perfect evening with the Hoekstra family grilling out and enjoying a few drinks! The men even did the dishes and cleaned up!!

Their daughters Norah (4 1/2) and Marlee (9 months) are absolute beauties, and a joy to be around. Jesse and Brian go way back to childhood, so when they moved into our old neighborhood Tahnee and I naturally became fast friends. We used to spend so much time together cooking out and hanging out but now that we have moved I am afraid that we won't see them as much. Maybe the additional blocks won't feel so far once summer starts and the weather gets even warmer.

Both Brian and I work this weekend, he works at the paddleboats and I work at Refashion, so this was a great way to kick back and relax before the weekend starts. We'll see how the weather holds up...

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