Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Wow...this has been a very busy weekend!! After the race on Sat Brian went to work at the paddle boats for awhile, so the boys and I went to visit. We rented one of the boats and went for a little ride. It was fun to go around on the lake, we even saw a nest of eggs on the island in the middle of Silver Lake! We looked for Polar Bears, and Black Bears and Penguins...didn't find any, only geese, but it was fun to look! When Brian got home we began painting the trim on the main floor. It has really made a difference in that room already. There are still a few coats to go, so I am sure that is what I will be working on this week. Sunday we all slept in a little and had a big breakfast with Benjamin's favorite melt in your mouth pancakes. Christian of course had chocolate chip pancakes. Can't keep that boy from chocolate! That afternoon Benjamin went to a friend's house, Brian continued painting, and Christian and I went to see the new Indiana Jones movie! I adore Harrison Ford, and to see him as Indiana Jones again was very cool! Christian loved all the action, he loved the end, he loved the movie! A new generation of Indiana fans has started I'm sure!
After the movie we picked up Brian and Benjamin and headed to Lonsdale to visit the wonderful Vulcan family! We love spending time with them, sweet Callie (who is nearly 2 already!) is our Goddaughter, so we enjoy seeing her as much as we can...its just so nice to be in their world for a little while. Andrew (who just turned 3) absolutely ADORES Benjamin, he follows him everywhere! Benjamin is so good about keeping a pace that Andrew can keep up with, he even helped both of the little ones play basketball! Maddie, who is Christian's age is a great buddy for Christian. The 2 of them play like friends and fight like siblings, its actually quite entertaining.

As much fun as it is to be in their busy world for awhile, it is such a wonderful blessing to come back to our own. We stopped in Northfield just briefly to do a little shopping. Because it is Mem. Day, many of the shops were closed, but even the boys are looking forward to going on a day that more are open. We were able to spend a little time in one of them, and everyone found a little something that they liked. Our weekend ended with Benjamin and Brian heading to baseball practice, and me doing laundry... right back at it! And I wouldn't trade it for a thing!

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