Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Since the last time I blogged a few exciting things happened! First, my sister's cat had kittens, and they are sweet as can be! Tiny little voices! They are precious, the boys named the calico looking one Jabbers because he was the most vocal of all of them.

We also had the pleasure of dog-sitting Daisy for the weekend. We loved it! It was so fun to have a dog around, she was playful and cuddly...we aren't used to that attention from our cats. The biggest news comes from soccer. Christian scored 3 goals in 2 games! He is really doing well this year, if only the weather would clean up so we aren't freezing while we watch! I have started knitting again, this time I am going to MAKE something! My first project? A hat for Christian. Tahnee has been a good teacher, she has been patient and even gave advice over the phone! I hope I can finish it soon, and get started on Benjamin's.

This week I have been subbing at the school and I just love it! It feels so good to have finally found a job that I absolutely love in every way! The schedule, the people, the atmosphere! Now that the boys are in school all day, I just couldn't find the right way to spend my time, but being at Lincoln feels like the perfect fit! Even if it is as a sub.

Mother's Day is around the corner, I hope some nicer weather comes with it...

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