Saturday, April 9, 2011

Filler up!

In my attempt to try to write a poised and articulate status for ya'all today, I have managed to just mumble my way through. Rather than erase it all and start again, I decided I'd just apologize in advance.
I'm sorry.
Carry on!
You've been warned.

Spring is here.

Lawn raked, first meal grilled over charcoal and I had my first sip of beer. Truly. I opened a beer, had a sip, walked away and forgot.

I have many flaws, this is just one of them. I routinely open a beverage, partake in a few drinks, and leave the rest to A) be consumed by my husband B) sit in the fridge with the hopes that I (or someone else) will return and finish until a day or 2 later when it just gets poured out C) carried to the truck whilst I run errands, never to actually be sipped from again, then left until I need the cup holder. (to hold another beverage that I will likely not drink)

I've been running lately. I have such runners envy. I want so much to be a runner. I have signed up for my 2nd ever 5k this May. The last 5k I did was with a friend who is less of a runner than me. I trained, she did not, I ended up walking much of the race. Not this time. This time I am going to run. The.whole.thing. I have a long way to go! I'm trying to not let myself get discouraged, mind over matter, I can do it! And then I get outside, I run a little, and then my brain begins --- I can't breathe, my legs are tired, my heart is racing, I wonder how far I have run, how much further do I have to go, I can't breather, why do I do this to myself, why can't I just run, I'm running too fast, wait this is too slow, it's practically a walk, ok, just to the corner then I'll walk, ok not the corner, just the last driveway....and then I stop running. Gratefully, the distances in which I'm able to run are getting longer before the brain eventually takes over and I have to walk a little before I begin running again.

My girlfriend downloaded some awesome songs for me to put on the ipod to run to and, boy she was right! They did help today! One of the songs was so in rythym with my pace, and each step was so right on with the beat of the song, that I thought it would be a disgrace to finish running before the song was over, so I kept going. The song eventually had to end though. And so did I. 6 more weeks. Cross your fingers!

Monday marks the most recent season of sports for our family. Football, basketball, snowboarding have all ended. Welcome soccer! Christian will play, Brian will coach, I will sit in my chair and Benjamin....well, I'm not sure what Benjamin will be doing, but the 3 of us are anxious to get the season started! Let the games begin!

The end.


Jolene said...

Yeah for running!!!

I recently made a pledge to do 100 miles in a 100 days starting May 1st. Prayerfully it will happen!

Thinking of you and hoping you succeed in your 5K!

Kami said...

I think that running is awesome! I just can't do it myself (my hips are wacky and can't handle the impact of the ground - thus the elliptical is my friend!). I'm so proud of you that you are doing so well!!

Soccer is going on in our home, too, and it is insane ... but I love it!

Miss you!!