Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I'm anti-facebook this month (and last). For Lent.

Seems I've accidentally let that apply to this blog as well.


I don't mean to be so intermittent with my posts. I really don't. In fact there have been lots and lots of goodies to talk about and share with all of you.

My dear sweet Christian received his 1st Holy Communion, we had another amazing teacher's dinner, book club this month was phenomenal (truly above and beyond!), we went away for spring break on a mini-cation, we had fantastic conferences with the boys' teachers, and oodles more I'm sure.

I doubt that I'll ever get the chance (or take the chance should one arise) to bring you all more details. Each of those events held a different meaning for me. Christian reaching his 1st Communion was just one more reminder that my children are getting older. It makes my heart soar and cry just thinking about it.

March 31st passed.

I'm still here.

In fact, the week of that anniversary, I thought about the marvelous changes in my life that are possible because of those dreadful 3 weeks in 2010. There have been rewards in ways that I didn't recognize at the time. Not only in friendships, but in perspective.

I miss him. So much. However, I am grateful for the blessings that came out of the fog.

I prefer to focus on those....


Kami said...

I truly wish we had been able to get together during your mini-cation, but alas RSV decided that we needed to stay put.

I love your heart and I love that you have no problem sharing what's on your heart! Thinking of you as you remember your dad and praying for you as often as I think of you!

Love you, sweet friend!

Jolene said...

I've been thinking of you a lot! Hope life is well. Sounds like life is well.