Sunday, October 19, 2008

Life back to normal, whatever that is!

Last weekend was the annual pumpkin carving at my aunt and uncle's house. The boys always have so much fun! This year the new thing was to drive hotwheels and wagons down the hill, into the woods and around the path. The path curves in the woods, so after they left the yard and curved we would lose sight of them. I would hold my breath, wondering if they fell off and got hurt, and then I would hear the cheers and laughter from the kids in the woods.

A little scary to watch as a mother, and I was quickly booed away when I suggested they wear helmets! Then when Bennett Robelia tried to use a 2 wheeler, I pulled the mom card and said ABSOLUTELY NOT!

I was not welcome after that...but they didn't ride the 2 wheelers, so I'm glad I still have their attention!
I am so grateful to have had this 4 day weekend! The boys and I really enjoyed our Thursday and Friday together. We baked, played games, played outside, visited their cousins, and rearranged Benjamin's room. And that was just Thursday and Friday while Brian was at work until 2:30! I also started back at ReFashion on Thursday. I have not worked there since the beginning of Sept, so it was a little strange going back, but I found it is just like riding a bike! It felt good to be back there again, I didn't even realize that I missed it until I was there.
Sat was Benjamin's last football game, unfortunately they did not win. They just weren't up to speed this time, but Benjamin did score the only touchdown for his team! It was really cool to see...I love watching him run down the field with the ball in his hand! He scored 5 touchdowns this season, which was the goal he set for himself. He and Brian made a deal at the beginning of the season that if he made 5 touchdowns, he would get a we'll be off to Gillespies this week.
We got to visit Mike and Seth last night in Wabasha. It was good to be able to hang out with them both. Its been ages since we've seen Seth, and even longer that Brian has been able to hang with the 2 of them together. Of course, any time you get those Wabasha boys together they spend most of the evening "remembering when". Its fun to listen to all the shananagens those boys got into back in the day! He has great friends and solid memories with them, and when he tells the boys all his stories their eyes just twinkle, and Christian was nearly crying today he was laughing so hard at the stories Brian told. My new favorite is Jesse and his windshield! Too funny!
Sunday after dinner we all went for a walk. We ended up at the Silver Lake park when it was dark out and after swinging for awhile we found ourselves in the middle of a game of Hide and Seek in the playground. It was so fun! Christian had such a good spot that I started to get nervous. My heart was racing as I tried to stay calm and shouted for him to come out of his hiding spot. He was GOOD!

We ended the night with homemade shortcake and rasp/black berry sauce. Mmmmm, good stuff! Tiffany has added a gallery to her website of pictures from the wedding. They are her favorites, but there are LOTS more that we still need to go through. Some of the ones she put on there I really really like, and there are some others that she hasn't put on there that I think are beautiful! It's funny, when I look at the ones she chose, I see some and think "Really, does this really look good?" Maybe I am just too critical of myself....I just can't wait to have an album in my hands to look through!

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