Friday, October 10, 2008

Our soon to come...

**I have included just a snapshot of our honeymoon, and a few of the pictures from my sister's camera from the wedding, but will post an album when we get our pictures from our photographer.**

The weekend of our wedding is an absolute blur! With the help of Allison, Jill, Tahnee, my fantastic sisters, mom, and our loving God, we were able to pull off the wedding that Brian and I had envisioned! Jacobi and Jill did such an amazing job making our centerpieces...after Jill and I spent an hour on the first one, the 2 of them flew through the other 3. Potting and burlaping, gluing and stamping was done on Friday by Jill and Allison. Of course the big day when our friends came to do the set up is one that I will never forget! Thank you Mike, Jesse, Eric, Ian and Chad M. for your love and your muscles! The set up and the conversion to dining was flawless, you are blessings to us. While the weather was not ideal, it turned out to be a lovely day. Our ceremony was personal and unique (right down to the candle wax dripping on us) and we are grateful that Pastor Vogt was able to come and perform it for us.
Our dads looked very comfy in what my dad affectionately called "jammies". I had the vision of linen and comfort instead of formal tuxedos. It wasn't until he saw that Brian's dad wore the very same thing, not to mention that Brian and the boys were in linen as well that he saw what I was trying to accomplish. Then it all made sense!
FOOD!!! Our food was delish! I can't get over the yumminess of it all! From the sirloin wraps to the chicken kiev/cordon bleu pieces (Tom the caterer called them bites, but they were HUGE!) to the smoked salmon and everything in between I certainly wasn't hungry after our "hors d'ouvres"!!
Amy Krahn's cheesecakes were SUPERB!!! I cannot believe how wonderful they looked, and they tasted even better! I didn't get to sample the autumn cheesecake but I hear it was delicious!
(This is after we got his reaction to me and some kisses..."your look is priceless, but what do you really think?"---PS He was so sweet!)

The day went fast, and before I knew it Brian and I were alone in the Plummer House. We were able to walk through the house after everyone left, we danced to the music that we didn't have a chance to listen to during the day, and just sat and reminisced about the day. When everything was packed into the truck, and we finally got ready to say goodbye to the house I had a moment of I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE!! I was afraid that if I left the house I was going to wake up and it was going to be a dream. Our wedding day turned out better than I could have planned. I am so grateful for our family and friends. I have counted my blessings and have thanked God for each one of you!
The boys did a fantastic job, they looked terrific, they behaved like gentleman and they fulfilled their duties as our best men. Right down to giving us the rings... Yes Christian, ALL of the rings! :) Brian has played such a huge role over the years in teaching them and loving them into the young men they are. They are terrific boys and I am amazed each day that I get to be their mother. What a lucky lady I am.
Tiffany did such an amazing job as our photographer, I've seen some of the pictures and they are stunning! She really is a fantastic photographer and I feel privileged that she was willing to do our wedding! If you ever have a need for a photographer; family photos, senior portraits, couples, babies, weddings etc...check out her site!
I can't say enough good things about this day. Brian is a wonderful husband, on our honeymoon I got to see a side of him that I have never seen! Very romantic and sweet. Being a husband is something he definitely takes seriously. After all the years together we thought getting married wouldn't really change much, Boy were we wrong! We really feel (and act) like newlyweds, I wouldn't mind calling him husband forever, but he says someday I'll have to call him Brian again! We had a wonderful time in Galena, it is gorgeous down there! We shopped, we played games, we ate, we did a wine tasting and we drank ALOT of wine. (at least for us it was ALOT!) One of the restaurants we ate at is called Benjamin's. As soon as we saw it we made a beeline for a beer and fried foods! Oh they tasted good post wedding! The town is nestled into a hill with historic buildings everywhere you look. The history of this town is lengthy, along with the beauty. It is almost storybook like. The hosts of the B&B that we stayed at were a great couple who filled us in on some of the history and the to dos while we were in town. We will definitely be back!
Brian and I are so looking forward to the rest of our lives together. He is a wonderful man, and a terrific father. Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who either participated or joined us as a guest on our day. It was wonderful from start to finish!
Now with the wedding frenzy over...back to my duties as PPT Elect, ViE coordinator, employee, mom, volunteer, etc etc. AND WIFE!!!

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