Sunday, October 26, 2008

Auction 2008--Wonderful success!!

Oh boy, another Lincoln Auction has come and gone, and as far as I can see everyone had a terrific time!!

Ginger Kerr and Randy Hellickson did a fantastic job organizing Lincoln's first carnival in years.

The kids had a blast not only playing the games and winning prizes, but Benjamin worked the cake/book walk and did a great job keeping the little ones in line and taking tickets. Very responsible students we have at this school!

Christian participated in the pie eating contest...I think he came in pretty close to first, but the judges didn't agree.

Oh well, he looked like he had fun and he had a messy face to show his efforts! Then we coerced Beth into doing the pie eating along with Jim (our principal) and others. It was fun to watch!

We bid on a few of the baskets for the silent auction but with no results. However, when the live auction began we were ready to spend a little money! And sure enough, we won a basket (that I was not really trying to win, I was trying to be the underbidder. I need to work on that a little!) BUT, we are both excited about the purchase we made. We have a night at the Radisson Hotel, $25 gift certificate to Flowers by Jerry, $25 gift certificate to Newts, City Cafe, 300 First(one of these) a bottle of wine, 2 wine glasses, tickets to The Christmas Carol at the Civic Center, 2 cds and a crystal lead vase! Not exactly what I would have wanted but I am excited for our family to have a downtown night out just before the holidays!
As PPT President elect, I along with Jeff and Chris (this year's co-presidents)auctioned off a dinner party for 10 families...and that went for a fair amount of money. All in a ll the Auction/Carnival was a wild success and I am so glad to have been a part of it. My role certainly is not a large one, so many other parents worked endlessly to make it all just perfect...and they did!
Afterward Brian and I joined several of the families and teachers at ONeills to unwind after the big day. We shared some pitchers of beer, pizza and stories. Brian and I have not spent much time with any of the people at ONeills last night so it was nice to get to know them all a little better. It was a super fun evening with some super fun people!

And now...its 9:55pm, neither of the boys can sleep and I am not sure when I will finally rest my head. Brian is at the hospital, over night, doing a study. Why you ask? Because I did NOT give thought to the fact that he would be gone over night when he talked about doing this particular study. I have not been in this house alone, I am not used to the creaks and moans yet, and I think we are all a little restless. I am playing "the big strong mom who is not afraid of anything" for the that the wind? Does it HAVE to be windy tonight? Argh!

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