Sunday, November 2, 2008

Full weekend!!

My sweet husband left this on the mirror for me to wake up to this week. I do I do is a Mojo-ism for I love you. When we first said I love you to one another years and years ago, it felt so good to say it out loud that we would say "I do" over and over. Now I do I do simply means I love you, to the 100th degree!

This weekend started with the boys and I making chocolate candies for the halloween party we went to on Friday. Benjamin did not want to have a costume this year. He (like me) is not really interested in halloween, he doesn't care for the dressing up and trick or treating, so I don't force it. However, for the 3rd year in a row, he decided at the 9th hour (20 minutes before we walk out the door) that he does indeed want a costume! So we pulled together a Hobo costume for him, and it turned out really great! He wore one of Brian's flannel jackets and I used eyeshadow to make him dirty, rumpled his hair and he wore one slipper and an old ducktaped shoe of Brian's. Not bad for last minute for sure! Christian went as a spook, he really wanted the glow in the dark scream mask to wear with a black cape. So thats what we did! He was a scary spook!
Here they are with the spook getting the hobo.
Here is where Benjamin wanted to get into character...and did a SUPER job of giving a vacant look! He was totally into character there!

Brian and I were not going to dress up for the party, but we too decided at the last minute that we shouldn't go w/o costumes...but what would we wear? We don't have anything to pull together...hmmm??? Bride and Groom! So I put on my wedding dress and he put back on his white linen and off we went! I started to get a picture of the 2 of us before we left, but Brian pointed out that we have over 700 pictures of us on our wedding day in our duds! Point taken, so no pix of us! We had a great time at the Kerr's. More Lincoln families that Brian and I have not had a chance to get to know were there. Its nice to be able to see these people outside of Lincoln and get to know their spouses too. The boys got to play with kids that they don't usually play with, all in all it was a fun night!

Saturday was a surprise 40th birthday for one of Brian's coworkers in the Pharmacy. We went to the Best Western Soldiers Field and ate some dinner had some drinks, watched him get "roasted" and hung out the Naptons. We see Darin and Beth frequently through out the week, Beth of course is Benjamin's teacher, and they go to our church as well, but we have never had an opportunity for it to just be the 4 of us. Brian and I had a good time. We are very spoiled to have had 2 parties back to back with 2 very different guest lists!
Today we have an event for Christian at the church, maybe we'll carve our "Thanksgiving Pumpkins" (we missed out getting them done before halloween) and then I have an emergency PPT meeting tonight. Sigh...then we are back to the work/school week! Its been a great weekend, I give my thanks!

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