Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Calm, peaceful, relaxed

This is how I feel today. After buzz, buzz, buzzing around for so many weeks, I have finally had a day where I actually had energy to do "stuff". "Stuff" that hasn't been getting done (not by me anyway... I love my husband!) In addition to "stuff" I have done laundry, made potato soup, and washed the many dishes that is involved in making that soup--I cannot wait to have my dishwasher back!!
I do have this to say though, I'm going to ENJOY this winter! This year I am not going to complain about the snow, I'm not going to grumble about the cold, I am not going to fuss about the wet floors from boots. Nope, not me, not this year! I am actually looking forward to playing in the snow, building snowmen, drinking ho-ho mochas (thanks Sara!) and snuggling together as a family to play games and build puzzles. This year is going to be different.
Now I would like to point out, that this is how I ALWAYS feel leading up to the holidays. I love to capture the spirit in our home for the boys. However, every year right around January 1st...that all goes away and I join everyone in the traditional grouchiness that the long winter always brings. And that is where I am going to be different. Christian's birthday is in January, followed by Benjamin's in February, so we will plan a fun activity for their days. Benjamin is on ski club this year, so he needs snow, and quite frankly, I live in MN. If I don't like the snow, I should this year, its a new leaf!

I fully intend to maintain this attitude, so if you need someone to join you in your grumbles, you'll have to find someone else...however, if you need a pick me up, and someone to remind you how beautiful and fun the snow can be, give me a call! to make their beds with their comfy flannel sheets, my estate sale quilt find, and cozy velour blankets! Snuggle in, its going to be a cold winter!!

Here is Brian enjoying the fruits of his labor from fixing the nintendo...he was actually able to make it to Mike Tyson! Now passing Mike is taking a little more time, but at least the nintendo works! Paddington was helping, she got right in his lap and purred away!

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