Thursday, November 6, 2008

Life is good...

Tonight was the Fall fun dance at school, and the boys had a terrific time! I got to see a side of Benjamin that we don't get to see often, as he danced, and jumped, and did he dance! He was with boys that he doesn't see much outside of school and he really was a different kid! Very fun! Of course Christian and his buddies didn't really care much for dancing, they were more interested in running and playing. But the music was geared toward their age range so they enjoyed that! The moms and I actually danced a few times too, gratefully we aren't at the age yet where that is unacceptable. First was the cha-cha song, and then the Macarena closed out the night. Boy, I don't think I've done the macarena since I was about their age, so it took a few rounds for it to come back to me.
Brian was at the football coach banquet. Unfortunately, with the exception of our head coach (who is also the president of RYFA, so very busy tonight) none of the other coaches for our team were there. Brian didn't know very many people, so he mingled for awhile, but didn't really get as much out of it as he did last year.
This weekend promises snow according to the weather man. I am not as disappointed as I thought I would be. I actually purchased myself a new columbia coat and some snowpants so I can actually play in the snow with the boys this year...I'm looking forward to it...kinda!
We have an audiology appointment tomorrow morning for Christian, he has not been passing the hearing tests that are done at school so we are taking him in to see whats going on. Then we have the whole afternoon!

Brian fixed our NES--you know the old fashioned nintendo, so our games work really well...I have a feeling it may be a nintendo day. I've been a bit of an electronic nazi lately, so the boys have probably earned a little electronic time.
Tomorrow night it is Sushi Nashiki with some friends from the pharmacy. I CAN'T WAIT! Brian and I are really excited! Saturday is a long awaited day with the Hoekstras. We haven't seen them since our wedding so we are really looking forward to spending time with them. Sunday morning the boys get to do a reading for the congregation during worship. I'm looking forward to that. When they were asked at our Bible study last night if they wanted to do it, I was very proud of them for saying yes! So thank you Lisa for thinking of them. It should be wonderful!
Sunday afternoon is the Packers/Vikings plans for it yet, but we can't miss it so I'm sure we'll find some way to squeeze it in. I wanted to go to the cities to visit the jewelry store that my wedding set is from. I'm not happy with my wedding band, so we need to exchange it, and I was hoping to get to to Trader Joes...not sure if it will happen this weekend though...we'll see!

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