Sunday, November 16, 2008

Another beauty

This has been another full, and fulfilling week!
Wednesday I had a PPT meeting. This particular PPT meeting involved quite a bit of info regarding our status as a PTSA, Family Association, dues, members, etc. Admittedly, some of this information was a little over my head, but I learned alot too. I am grateful that we had this meeting during my elect year, so next year I will be better prepared for being co-president!
Thursday was conferences for both boys, ski registration, book club for me, and a scout meeting for Brian. It was quite a whirlwind! Both boys had wonderful conferences, their report cards were great starts to the year, and overall I am a proud mama! Book club was of course superb! Cathy hosted this one, and we sat in her uber-comfy couches, ate some delicious Afghani food (We read the Kite Runner) and drank pomegranate martinis! My book club consists of Elizabeth Glowac, Cathy Nathan, Cherie Falk-Philpott, April Ekblad, Allison Robelia and I. We have a perfect blend of women in this group and I am so so excited to meet each month. The December meeting is going to be held at our house, and this months read is Lamb, The Gospel According to Biff, Jesus Christ's Childhood Pal. I'm told it is hilarious! I can't wait to get started!

Friday night was dinner club with the Kerrs and Robelias. We had a great time eating, drinking, singing and playing guitar. XBox style of course!
The kids played downstairs while the adults took over the upstairs. We look forward to future get togethers with these families, and hopefully the Goblirsches will be able to join us next time!
Saturday morning Brian and I woke up and hung out in bed. It was sooo nice to be able to snuggle together and talk. We had some great debates about religion, politics, the kids, budgeting, and each other. At 11 we finally decided we should get up and do something. So after getting ready, we went to the MOA to do some Christmas shopping.
No purchases were made, except one from Brian to me, but I don't know what it was. I was in the LEGO store at the time. We thought we would get some things at the LEGO store, but their prices were the same as I saw no advantage to buying them there since Target has sales! (I love a good sale!) We walked the entire mall and went in all the stores we wanted, drank some coffee and gawked at the crazy girls FLOCKING to the new American Girl store! After a stop at IKEA and some inspiration for organizing toys and closets we came home.
Today was GIFT and church. In GIFT we had a great discussion about traditions. It made me reflect on the traditions that Brian and I have started for our family. With the holidays coming I am thinking about our family traditions and it just gives me the warm fuzzies! It also makes me look back on my childhood and think of the wonderful tradtions we had growing up, not only during the holidays, but year round. Indeed I have been blessed over the years!
After church we went to Brian's parents for the game. As soon as we walked in and Benjamin hugged Gloria hello, we discovered that he is officially the same height as her! Oh boy, my little boy is not so little anymore! During the game the boys and I walked to downtown Wabasha to do a little chocolating and shopping. There is a chocolate shop downtown that is fantastic! The huge array they have of confections is overwhelming. After a cinnabon and hot chocolate we went down to the only other shop (other than ace hardware) that is open on a Sunday. It is called the Shepards Nook, and it is a Christian book shop. It is brand new this week, and its very cute inside. I was actually able to do a little Christmas shopping in there. I got gifts for their Sunday School teachers and Brian. A wonderful dinner that was a recipe of Gloria's mom, a game of scrabble and dogplaying rounded out the day.
This week promises to be a little slower. But it seems the less I have going on...the less I get done!

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