Monday, May 24, 2010

As if

As if today, and yesterday, and most days since March 31st haven't been trying enough.

I was cleaning out one of the drawers in our message center. I found some interesting treasures in there. One was a catalog of fine art from one of our favorite artists. We'd been saving it for Christian to browse through. He loves looking at the catalogs. Hard to do when it is sitting at the bottom of a drawer covered by phone books. 6 phone books mind you. Into recycling they went. I was saving them for the coupons, hard to use when they are covered by old check stub books. Yep, boxed those up too!

Many people have junk drawers. Not me. I know what you're thinking. Jodie, you aren't organized enough to not have a junk drawer. And that is true. Very true. However, I know that a junk drawer for me would be dangerous, disastrous even so I don't have one. I have 2. HA! Kidding. I don't have one. Really. In fact, the drawers in our message center could even stand to hold a few more things. In my attempt to not over crowd them, I am under utilizing them.

However, I must add that while I don't have a catch all junk drawer, I do have a catch all paper drawer. You know the misc papers that don't really have a home. Not a bill, not junk, not a report card or spelling test....things that don't have a specific home. They go into the drawer. And then, I purge.

Today during my purge, I found a card.

Instant tears.

The card I bought for my dad for father's day last year. Somehow, it didn't get to him.

It has a home now. Not at the bottom of the drawer, not in the recycling.

I miss you dad.

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