Thursday, May 27, 2010

How many people

As I sit on my glorious deck, basking in all that is green and leafy, whilst drinking a pomegranate mojito, the sounds of birds twittering to each other...I also have visions of Brian and Benjamin setting up tents playing with stakes and tarps. Seriously. They haven't mastered tent building together.

Mom to the rescue. Mind you, I did not float in on my white horse and instantly save the day. Oh no, it took a try or 2, but we got it figured out, and the tent is upright. Yay us!

As I was returning up the desk stairs to resume my place on my chair to continue basking in my bougenvillia and Stewie the cactus as well as my awesome tomato plants...Benjamin proposed the question:

"How many people does it take to set up a 3 room tent?"

To which I responded:

"One mom."

Ahhhh, mojito!!

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Kami said...

I love it! :)

Missing you ...