Monday, June 14, 2010

When it rains it pours

Literally and figuratively.

Here in the frozen wet & soggy tundra we have been experiencing lots-o-rain. Seriously, it has been raining nearly every other day for weeks now! Gratefully it was absolutley gorgeous for my birthday last week. Then, after getting rained out of camping for the weekend, we made alternate plans to go further north where it didn't rain nearly as much as it did in our neck of the woods! Whew!
My cactus Stewie is hating all this much that I may have to bring him back inside! The mushrooms are growing in even the most manicured of lawns, the moss is makings it's home on our concrete under our deck, and we've been prisoners of our home for weeks now.

That is the literal rain.

Then there is the figurative.

2 weeks ago my dryer joined the world of broken dryers. The door refused to stay closed, so it wouldn't finish a single cycle. We replaced it. And the washing machine. My new appliances are beautiful in my laundry room. Side by side, new energy efficient, with pedestals. So pretty. I love them.

Unfortunately, the delivery man probably hadn't even returned to the store when I discovered that my laptop was in computer heaven as well. I rushed to the computer to gloat about my gorgeous new washer and dryer that were silently cleaning their first loads of laundry when I found that our laptop wouldn't charge. Dead battery + no charge = no gloating. So off to Best Buy I went to see if they could help. When I put my archaic (3 year old) laptop on the counter and promptly asked the Geek (geek squad rep) to "fix this please"--or something along those lines--he looked at it, and back at me as if to say "Uh maam, we don't perform miracles" What he then relayed to me in the nicest geek manner was that my laptop was virtually obsolete. In the 3 years that we had been using this one, technology had advanced so much that it was silly to try to fix our old computer.

Fortunately, B and I had been considering purchasing a new laptop for ourselves so that we could relinquish the old one to the boys. UNfortunately, we no longer have the old one to give to the boys. So with the help of a techie geek friend, and after some denial, we faced the facts and purchased a new (and no longer obsolete) laptop.

Done right?

Wrong....remember the rain? Yep, thunderstorms are coming my way.

This week, remember the aforementioned rain that prevented us from being able to go camping with several other families from Lincoln? Well, we decided that we would still do something for the first weekend of summer vacation. So I pulled up (on the shiney new laptop) to book--and pay-- for a hotel in northern frozen wet and soggy tundra. Yippee! A family get away at last! The next day just before we were to leave, the brakes started making crunchy noises and we heard clicking clacking noises under the hood of the vehicle. Sigh....

I got those fixed today.

When will the sun come out? Please. I could use some sun. Not as much literally as figuratively.

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Kami said...

Oh no! It sounds like it's been a bummer for you for awhile. Don't worry, I hear the sun is supposed to shine soon! :)