Saturday, December 25, 2010

Fat Dog in a Little Sweat-er

Channel your inner Chris Farley when you hum that little ditty won't you?

Last year's pictures are kept safe and sound on the computer that isn't charged. So I can't show you what Yoshi wan K'Noshi used to look like in his clothing last year, but it appears that he has robbed Benjamin of any growth spurts...because they don't fit anymore!

Last year's coat isn't a great success this year.

He's like the Incredible Hulk. Only not green. And a dog. And less angry. Ok, so maybe not a good comparable.

The sweater wasn't much better.

He was a terrific sport to let me squeeze him into clothes that obviously would never fit. But I wanted to see just how much they wouldn't fit!

Ok, Mama...that's enough please. Can I wear something that fits now please?

I aim to please Yosh! The jacket we bought this fall is actually too big, so I'll need to make a few accomodations to it...but for now, he loves it!

Who knew Yosh would love to be read to? We sure didn't!

It took awhile for him to see his gift sitting quietly under the tree.

But boy oh boy, when he did find it, there was no turning back! Daddy, please can I have it? Please? I'll even lay down w/o being asked.

Not that? How about sit?

No? Lay down then?

No? Just grab it?

Ok, sit right?

Oh, thank you Daddy!! Yum-my!

Now, I sleep.

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