Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

Today is Easter, and there is way too much snow on the ground! To make it a little more interesting, instead of a traditional egg hunt, we did a scavenger hunt today. I made up individual riddles and rhymes for the boys to follow through the house from one prize to another. The first clue took them to their Easter baskets, then on to a treat and so on. Since they had their own clues, they were all over the house, upstairs, then main, then down, then back up! It was fun to watch them running all over, and they were so excited when they figured out their clues! After the egg hunt the boys went with Chad for the afternoon, and Brian and I went to church. The music today was incredible! It really was a great beginning to our day. When we came home we made some easy but fun Spring dishes for lunch then watched The Passion. Each year we watch this movie near or on Easter helps us remember what He did for us and it really humbles us both. Now Brian is taking a snooze while we wait for the boys to come home....A wonderfully relaxing day before the extremely hectic week ahead. This is just the calm before the storm, so I will enjoy every moment.

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