Thursday, March 27, 2008

Edible PlayDoh

The boys and I made edible playdoh this week and spent a great deal of time making one thing after another. One of the things Benjamin made was a pizza, complete with several toppings. Christian made an Elvis head. He even got the Elvis hair curl, it looked great! Christian and I got the recipe from Kate Gosselin, mother of sextuplets AND twins.
The recipe is: equal parts Honey, Peanut Butter and Powdered Milk...and some flour added gradually to take away the stickiness. After putting the ingredients in the bowl the boys got to it and got their hands dirty...literally! They squished and squashed it all together, then ate it off their hands.
It was a great evening activity for them while I made dinner, plus it eliminated the dozen trips into the kitchen asking if they could have a snack! Now it is in the fridge for another day.

Spring break for the boys starts this week, we aren't going anywhere, but it will be nice for them to have some down time. Of course, classes for me start up again on I'm right back at it! This quarter will be much more interesting than last so I'm really looking forward to it.

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