Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spring Break sleepover

Tonight is the night of our Spring Break sleepover. Each year they have one since a week is WAY too long to go with out seeing their friends! So, there are 4 boys playing hide and seek, lazer tag, catch the cat and everything else they could think of that requires running through the house! Brian got out of the chaos and is in bed...we had a little health scare with him...but after 2 days of testing he is fine...tired, but not sick! I wonder what we will get to pay Mayo to know that he is healthy? It is a relief, both he and I have been praying the past week that we would have happy results, and we did!
This summer Brian is going to help an old college friend with his boat rentals at Silver Lake. The first day of the season is this Saturday. That must mean a shopping day for me! I've also thought that I would like to work on my knitting again. Its been a while since I picked up knitting needles, so maybe Sat will be a good day to get back at it.
School started Sunday and so far I really like my instructors. These classes are going to be a breath of fresh air compared to last quarter. I'm really excited to get further into the coursework. We'll see how I feel 3 weeks from now!
It is now time to get those boys into their sleeping bags and begin my sleepover "boys its time for bed" "boys go to sleep" "boys no more talking", routine. Here we go!!

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