Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Today is so windy!! It is also Christian's first day of soccer...I'm not really sure how well those 2 factors will work together? It has been 3 months since tennis ended so we are looking forward to have him involved in something other than Scouts.

This week has started off perfectly with me subbing at Lincoln yesterday and volunteering all day today. Gratefully I get to sub 3 days this week, and with my 1 day of volunteering that puts me in the school all but Thursday. I wouldn't want it any other way! Any time I can have at their school is a treasure to me...and its even better when I can get paid to be there!

After being at the school all day today I didn't think it could get any better..but it did! When I came home I was greeted with the most glorious sight in the front yard! FLOWERS!!! Could it be true? Could Spring really be here? All the work that Brian and the boys put into the front yard is paying off. They were peeking their way through last years mulch...just as God intended! It felt so good to see them coming up, I ran straight inside and got my camera.

This past weekend Brian and I went to dinner at 300 First with the Robelias. We had such a good time, the meal was terrific, the smoking martinis were fun, and the conversation was perfect. After picking up the kids and bringing them to Chad's we went to Chesters to meet another couple for drinks. Another restaurant we had not yet tried. I am loving some of the new restaurants that are coming to Rochester. The next one to try out is Sushi Itto. That is on the agenda for the next Parent's Night Out.

Its been a great day so I give my thanks... I am blessed and happy, ain't life grand?

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