Monday, April 21, 2008

YEA for Mother Nature!!

Let there be Spring! Finally!! Saturday was Christian's first soccer game, in which he scored 2 goals! One was a fun slide kick, he looked so pro! I forgot my camera, so I didn't capture any great shots, but I will be sure to bring it to his next game. This year is going to be exciting, he is off to a great start, his coach is a friend of ours from Lincoln, we are looking forward to a fun season.
Benjamin began his baseball tryouts today. He will have tryouts Tuesday and Wednesday too. He was pretty nervous going into the them, but I think after getting out there and seeing what it was like, his nerves calmed a little. I was able to watch a little of it, and he was doing really well. We will see what the next 2 tryouts bring.
I have taken some time off this week to catch up with ME! I needed to have some me time, and today was the start. I got to visit with Tahnee, Norah, and sweet Marlee this morning, which was like a trip down memory lane. To make it better she sent me home with some snips of plants for the new house!
With this time off from work comes the opportunity to enjoy some of this weather...

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