Tuesday, April 8, 2008

No more snow!!

I just want it to be Spring!! Brian and the boys worked hard in the yard last weekend, and I am so excited to see what fun flowers will be growing in the gardens of the new house! But I can't see them if they are covered in snow. I really don't want to engage in another conversation where a stranger just smashes my hopes of Spring with news of more snow. I just want to move on from winter.....

Last Thursday night I got a surprise phone call from the boys' principal. It turns out, Benjamin had earned a last minute incentive trip to the Twins game on Friday night. They were in the luxury suite, catered food and drinks, and coach bus transportation. When we arrived at the school to drop Benjamin off, it turned out that there was an extra spot so Christian was able to go too! They had a terrific time, got their faces painted, and got home very late. They both told me that Mountain Dew was available to them, but they didn't drink it. Such good boys, until they said they had Pepsi instead (jeesh)...Christian even says he had 4!

While the boys were at the game, Brian and I went to his mom's birthday party in Wabasha. It was nice to see his family. We haven't seen many of them since Christmas, so it was good be with them again. This weekend is Parent's Night Out at our church. I think we are going to check out the new restaurant 300First. I'm really excited to eat there...I'm already hungry just thinking about it!

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