Sunday, March 16, 2008

Family fun

Tonight was another fabulous Lincoln event at the Y. Our social committee organized several different activities for the younger students (K-3) to do. Swimming, dancing, dodgeball, pizza and many smaller activities in one of the gyms. Brian and Benjamin stayed home to work on Benjamin's skateboard while Christian took part in the festivities. I volunteered (of course) and had a lot of fun! I met a new dad who may be able to help me on my Lincoln go Green mission. It was a nice use of networking time! My little group is growing, in no time Lincoln should be much more Eco-Friendly!

Its finals week....THANK GOODNESS!!! I need some time off! I've decided to change the direction of my degree, I will no longer be in the Paralegal program. Instead as of Spring Quarter I will be in a business degree program. I decided that my long term goal would not be met as well with the Paralegal degree as it would with a more broad focus. I'm torn between helping save our environment, or get involved with Commercial Real Estate. At least with this degree I can choose later which area I want to spend my career in.

Christian wanted to experiment with the clementine! If you squeeze the fruit enough, you can really drink the juice!

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