Thursday, January 15, 2009

Snow days...

Remember the days of me wishing for snow so the boys could stay home from school? Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy them, but come on! 2 "snow" days in a row because of the temperature! Argh! Now I can see how this could be misconstrued as complaining about the weather, and I would like to make myself clear--it is not the weather I am frustrated about, it is wasting the "snow" days that frustrates me! I like the snow days where we are snowed into our house or neighborhood and the snow just keeps on a comin' down. When the boys can bundle themselves up, shuffle off into the snow, play and laugh and wear themselves out. Then they come back in for some ho ho mochas and soup and sandwiches all the while excited to get back out there to finish their fort, or sled down the hills again. But this cold and no school = stuck inside, cabin fever, bored, arguing, antsy, did I mention bored?
Tomorrow I will get up at 5:30, take my sweet husband to work (he can't possibly walk to St Mary's in this cold), come back and curl into my bed, hopefully it will remain warm while I am gone--maybe I will get the heating pad and turn it on while I am gone--and make a plan for the day. Tomorrow the cold will NOT get the best of us. We will go somewhere, where? Not sure, movie? swimming? friends? We'll see, but I am not going to let cold keep us inside this house another day!
Here are some of the ways we spent our time today.

A little Uno Spin anyone?? We didn't get far, we couldn't find the cards to tell us what the symbols on the spinner meant, so we had to move on to plan B after trying to give it a whirl w/o them. (reference arguing in blog above)

We made our first loaf of bread with the breadmaker that the boys and Brian gave me for Christmas. The boys even pulled up the bar stools to the counter so they could watch it knead and rise. They were completely enthralled! Honey Wheat bread is our loaf of is OK for the first round, we'll have to make some adjustments to the honey ratio though. When I took it out this evening for the picture I noticed someone got a little finger happy and stuck their fingers in the center of the loaf....Who could it be?

I read some of the book for book club today. Candy Freak....pretty funny, I am enjoying it so far. Steven Almond is the author and he is coming to the public library in Feb so we are going to go see him there. We picked the it before we knew he was coming so it was fun to see that he would be here right after we finish reading the book. We played Are you Smarter Than a 5th Grader. The boys got this for Christmas from their cousins and it was pretty fun...and harder than I thought. Apparently I am NOT smarter than a 5th grader. And of course, we have been catching up on the seasons of The Office. The boys love this show as much as Brian and I! Especially the theme song, every time it comes on they cute! And legos in the background. I think it goes w/o saying that legos are a staple in this house. They are touched and played with at some point everyday!

No, Benjamin is not drinking Dt Dew. In fact, I know this sort of looks like Benjamin, but it is indeed Brian. Or at least, that was what Benjamin was trying to portray. When Brian got home from his committee meeting tonight, Benjamin greeted him with this get up. He used my eyeliner for the goatee, I wonder what the tip of the pencil looks like now? Brian's coat was stolen, so he has been wearing this columbia coat, along with the black hat EVERYwhere he goes. Benjamin was imitating him and it was pretty funny.

Here was just some playing around with different angles and shutter speeds. I am trying to learn more about my camera so I can get the best use from it, still a work in progress though. (reference bored in blog above)

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